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sdozzo1120d ago

Yeah, The Last One Was Nice.

Revolver_X_1120d ago

I grew up on Castlevania, but it looks just ok to me. Im ready to play as Trevor, Simon, or Richter and fight Dracula, not be him. It'll be good nonetheless.

Conquerbeard1120d ago

Yeah, because there haven't been enough Castlevania games where you get to fight -against- Dracula.

Revolver_X_1120d ago

Isnt that the premise of Castlevania? I still consider SOTN to be better then LoS. LoS2 will still be good. I just look at as a necessary step towards a reboot.

sdozzo1120d ago

Modern Setting? Like Present Day... No Castles And Stuff?

Skate-AK1120d ago

There are still castles in present day.

sdozzo1120d ago

Sorry, I was on my phone... I meant the Gothic setting of the LoS game. I just don't want to see cars etc.

Skate-AK1119d ago

Ohhh I gotcha. I'm sure there will be some surprises. LoS was one of my favorite games this gen. I trust MercurySteam.