Firmware Upgrade Makes PS3 Blu-ray player of choice

Sony's PlayStation 3 games console will receive an interactive feature boost with a firmware upgrade scheduled for late March, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SECA).

The firmware v2.20 upgrade will see PS3 updated to Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (also known as BD-Live), making it among the first Blu-ray-capable devices to be so enabled. BD-Live provides access to Internet content such as additional video, movie-based multiplayer games and ringtones which can be sent direct to mobile phones. These features are accessed via BD-Live-enabled discs, which Sony is also introducing to the market.

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Gazman3767d ago

Amazing what one little firmware upgrade can do, makes you wonder what took so freaking long

rawd3767d ago

It's a little something called fully testing and debugging. It helps..

decapitator3767d ago

Yeah. A lot of good news will come out as a result of this update but expect some bashers as well.

meepmoopmeep3767d ago

it is the best choice until the new batch of Profile 2.0 enabled standalones are released which will also be upgradeable via ethernet port.

but for the past year and well into this year the PS3 is the best choice.

Mr_Showtime13767d ago

I would of thought the fact that it was cheaper than most of the rest and had alot more features would have made it the blu-ray player of choice, but this update does make it even more awesome!

ChrisGTR13767d ago

well my only complaint is how sony releases this [email protected] feature months before any movie supports it.. but for actual gaming features we NEED like in game xmb and home.. they dont care about. features weve wanted since the launch of the ps3 over a year ago.

Skerj3767d ago

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Maybe, just maybe universal ingame XMB isn't as simple as enabling it in the system. IIRC they've been working to reduce the XMB's ram footprint so that you can pull up the essentials (friendlist, and music) ingame without it interfering with anything.

DJ3767d ago

I have yet to see Sony release a firmware update that needed to be 'patched' since they put everything through such rigorous QA. The other issue may be custom music since the feature is already there in the OS, and up to developers whether or not to implement it. If they can reduce the memory footprint enough to override that decision in titles that have it disabled on purpose, I'd seriously applaud them.

Wipeout HD has the custom soundtrack OS feature enabled, and hopefully Motorstorm 2 does as well.

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