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By Robert Workman

The Last of Us is a game that a few may be frustrated with, especially considering you can't simply push people over as you could with Nathan Drake.  But its survival tactics and decision making really play a part in it, more than most games you've seen in stores these days.  Combine that with an unbeatable presentation, superb gameplay and multiplayer that actually has something going for it, and you have a masterpiece that will linger in this generation – and the next – for some time to come.  The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's crown jewel…and it leaves you wondering just how much better the team will get in the next 20 years time.

Can't wait.

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ltachiUchiha1990d ago

Lol I know what u mean mate. Gosh the 14th seem so far away lol.

SOD_Delta1990d ago

I have a friend on my PSN list that already has the game. I'm genuinely jealous of him.

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yugovega1990d ago

can't wait until this game comes out so maybe we will get more news then just reviews of last of us.

G20WLY1990d ago

There's plenty of other news, but none as big and nobody else cares ;)

Ducky1990d ago

... but will it blend?

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

Crysis is bland and boring. It's just a tech demo for Cryengine.

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The story is too old to be commented.