Konami Announces Social Games for iOS

oprainfall writes: "During their pre-E3 video presentation, Konami announced a series of social games coming to iOS. Some of their games include MLB Live Challenge, Domo Jump and MLB Dream Nine, which has already been made available on Facebook, being brought to iOS with new content for the 2013 baseball season. They also cited Puzzle Chasers as one of their more successful iOS titles, which was co-published by Zynga and made available last year."

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Kanzes1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Halo New IP? It's mobile
Deus Ex New IP? It's mobile

then Plants vs. Zombies exclusive for iOS not even release on XBLA/PSN/PC

now instead announcing a new title for Silent Hill or Suikoden, they announced this.

SexyGamerDude1991d ago

Mobile games are a booming market. It's not like they're going to ignore this chance to make money.

blackbirdi1991d ago

we don t careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee