Blacklight Retribution's E3 2013 PS4 Reveal Trailer

The action-packed E3 2013 reveal trailer for the upcoming PS4 title, Blacklight Retribution is here.

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Virtual_Reality1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

The game is cool for F2P.

Good to know PS4 will have at least great 5 F2P games, newcomers will have a blast.

Vigor1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Blacklight, Warfraframe, PS2, War Thunder, DCUO and more TBA. All free to play and ready(most) for at launch. There are still people questioning ps4 as a game console.

SOD_Delta1992d ago

PS4 will not lack in the F2P department that's for sure. Which is pretty cool. People with less money will be able to play lots on games W/O a heavy price.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1992d ago

PAY to WIN games suck...

don;t support this game model at all people... we will get nothing but cookie cutter games and paying for every little extra thing... a little here and a little there all ends up paying more A LOT together....

F2P is far from free...

Gran Touring1992d ago

Not all F2P games are Pay to Win. Planetside 2 for one only charges you real money for cosmetic items or weapons (but not weapon upgrades). Depends on how the developer employs the F2P model will determine if it'll work or not.

titletownrelo1992d ago

no one is forcing you to buy the stuff man. I play F2P games like World of Tanks and Planetside 2 and I don't spend a cent, yet they are extremely good quality games. All the stuff available to buy is usually just aesthetic. If I see something that I really like or I just love the game, yeah maybe I'll buy the thing. However, you don't NEED to buy anything to win.

mrmancs1992d ago

Ftp are excellent if they don't force you to pay to win, you feel more accomplished for it if you are good and winning and not paid fork all.