Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Konami Announcement

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is said to pick up where the first one left off; with Dracula.

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solidt121744d ago

the game looks incredible.

zerocrossing1744d ago

The cinemtics and cutscenes look great, I don't think I actually saw any gameplay though...

gamedebater1744d ago

there was a lot of gameplay (during interview mostly)

i think it looks promising. I mmean the 1st game was good but fell short in a few areas.

I think they are just fixing their mistakes and this is gonna become a new franchise.

johny51744d ago

actually there was a few seconds of gameplay it was so good looking you couldn't see it! This is in-game footage!

Super_ike1744d ago

there was gameplay, watch it again. for example, the part were gabriel was biting that guys neck @4:35, looked like gameplay to me.

zerocrossing1744d ago

Thanks guys I see it now, can't beleive I missed it actually.

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NaAsAr1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

looks like both versions will be on the pc this year. ultimate being a "HD" version at 60fps. :)

Crystallis1744d ago

ALUCARD!!! finally we get to see his face. I would love to play as him as well.

Super_ike1744d ago

same here, i can imagine you can but he would probably be DLC/a Pre-order incentive.

syphon321744d ago

Epic, just like the first one.

Shad0wRunner1744d ago

The Lords Of Shadow saga is coming to an end...

But Castlevania 3 will mark the beginning of a new chapter and a new hero. I have been waiting decades for the return and rise of Castlevania. MercurySteam is the one dev who can finally pull it off.