PCMAG Reviews Safari 3.1 for Windows - ' It's not quite an Editors' Choice but...'

PCMAG writes:

"Sometimes a company listens. I wrote a screed on the Extreme Tech site about why no one in their right mind would ever want to run Safari for Windows, then in beta. One of my biggest complaints (and I wasn't alone) was that, unlike virtually every other Windows program, you couldn't resize Safari from any edge of its window. Well, I'm happy to report that this anomaly has been righted by the good folks at Apple Inc. That, along with a slew of new improvements, some unique features, impressive speed, and
future-looking standards support makes it a worthy browsing partner. This 3.1 release also marks the first non-beta release of the software for Windows, and though some have rightly questioned Apple's practice of piggybacking the Safari installer along with iTunes updates for Windows systems, it's a piece of software that merits your consideration. "

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