FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Will Have a Single Data Center for NA and Europe, “Epic” E3 Trailer Teased

After yesterday’s sizable reveal about the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s servers many wondered why North American and European worlds seemed to be bundled together under a single “NA/EU” group. Today we learned the reason.

Square Enix also teased an "Epic" trailer for E3.

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ashiksorel1990d ago

It's nice to see they are taking such care and crucial steps when it comes to server location so that the players have a comfortable gaming experience when it comes to latency.

I have to say this a good change for them. I hope they keep it up.

Abriael1990d ago

Eh, not so nice for Europeans though. Oh well. I would have played on the NA servers anyway. I always do even if I'm from Italy.

Skate-AK1990d ago

Stoaked. Happy they finally announced the PS3 beta date. I wonder if I will still get my exclusive item from putting in my FF13 code.