Renegade Kid - Wii U is a gaming console through and through

What I love about Wii U is the fact that it knows what it is. It is a gaming console through and through. In-conjunction with the great controls and HD display that the Wii U offers,Miiverse is a world-wide mega-forum for gamers to talk about games.

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Neonridr1895d ago

Oh brother, another developer praising the Wii U..

quick, let's trash the reputation of the developer and say they are full of $hit.


yugovega1895d ago

don't worry. this headline speaks good of the wiiu. no one will click here.

1895d ago
yugovega1895d ago

too funny. i'm thinking these "gamers" are getting mad and a little butthurt that we are poking fun at their toys.

1895d ago
Nuggie1895d ago

The XboxOne is a game console too... sort of.

Fishermenofwar1895d ago

I'm not sure who or what moron would think the Wii U isn't a gaming system...What is it then??

I'm sure you put games in it and play don't you?

Fanboys need a realty bitch slap in the face with mother brains but cheeks.... SMH

GreenRanger1895d ago

Well, that's a relief.

I thought it was a fridge. /s

SignifiedSix911895d ago

According to N4G, it isn't.