Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - New 7 Minute Trailer Screams Of Epicness

PGN - During the Konami Pre-E3 show they showed off a brand-new and extremely lengthy trailer for the sequel, Lords of Shadow 2.


6 Minutes, not 7

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Eldyraen1895d ago

Between PC version of first and this trailer I have to say my love for Konami has grown.

I really love their games and they just know how to do trailers right as well.

TOGC1895d ago

This trailer is a bit longer than usual but honestly, it shows what it needs.

starchild1895d ago

Wait, was the PC version of the first game confirmed? If so, woohoo! I played it on PS3 and it is by far one of the best games of the generation. One of the most underrated games of recent years.

I cant wait for Lords of Shadow 2 and I hope it gets the recognition it will likely deserve.

Skate-AK1895d ago

August 27th and it comes with the 2 pieces of DLC. I bet this game plays so good at 60fps.

solidt121895d ago

This game looks awesome. I gotta have it.

zlpw0ker1895d ago

the hell did I just watch?
love the cvlos1,but this has some wtf plot,not really any epic music in the trailer,no gameplay shown either,wtf is up with that. I wanna know how the combat is in cvlos2.gotta say im dissapointed,they havent shown any combat so far.

Analcarnage1895d ago

There will be a gameplay demo at e3

Dannycr1895d ago

There was subtle amounts of gameplay within the shots. Pay attention to the trailer. You can see some combat in there.

zlpw0ker1895d ago

the hell you cant,yes,you some dracula/gabriel stad at the balcony looking down and other scenes,but it doesnt show any of the new gameplay mechanics or combos extravaganza with juggling in air.

and they better show actualy combat gameplay on e3,I dont buy H&s games for story.

Firan1895d ago

They showed some gameplay at the show. This trailer is all about story.

BullyMangler1895d ago

looks ps2

and after seeing the 1st 35 min of Bayonetta for the 360 this LS2 trailer looks cool with that angeL in suit but outdatedly wierd

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sephiroth4201895d ago

yes, yes it does scream of epicness.

Brazz1895d ago

ok... my call is: Good game,and xbox version whit 3 DVD! lol

Super_ike1895d ago

man i've waiting to see gameplay of this game, looks good. plus its free that's epic!

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