NBA 2K14 trailer teases next gen game reveal set for June 6

Every year, 2K Sports releases a new title in their long running NBA series.

This year looks no different. 2K Sports has just released a trailer which teases a major announcement for the series. The trailer shows a mix of footage from NBA 2K13 before ending on the date 6/6/13 and the twitter jargon #SixSix13.

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insertnamehurr2013d ago

Oh come on this looks like a current gen game -.- even the lightning wtf, get the f** out!

Jagsrock2013d ago

It looks current gen because the footage in the vid is from nba 2k13 not 2k14

MaleManSam2013d ago

Yeah dude it's 2k13 footage, says it bottom left..

Triforce0792013d ago

This is skipping wiiu who cares ? i tell you if these 3rd party games dont hit wiiu and with the quality Ninty have with 3rd party exclusives and 1st party i think its the snes days again quality over quantity.

MaleManSam2013d ago

Better have fixed up Mycarrer mode and THE PC VERSION OF THE GAME... Omg, that version is messed up.