Forza Motorsport 5 will run in 1080p at 60fps

But Microsoft says it won't force developers to adhere to frame rates or resolutions.

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NatureOfLogic1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It also requires a mandatory Internet check every hour just to play.


@ unself, I wonder what would become of that mandatory troll if the mandatory sheep went away.

UnSelf1988d ago

and any xbox related article will always require a mandatory troll

Testfire1988d ago

No matter what MS policies are you can't take anything away from Turn 10, they are a top notch dev team that produce quality work consistently. It's going to be a stunning game.

GameCents1988d ago

Actually it's every 24 hours on your main console and every hour if you're playing at a friend's place or xbox.
But I'm sure you already know that, you just enjoy spreading misinformation.

So off-topic.

JokesOnYou1988d ago Ive had internet service for about 12+ years.

AngelicIceDiamond1988d ago

When you have great news like this, its really hard to not stay away from The X1.

That 60 frames was probably done through the cloud computing. I can imagine other MS games being in 60 frames through cloud.

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GameCents1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Forza says interiors for all cars and not a blackhole for others.

Oh and it says hi back as well. Of course.

Kennytaur1988d ago

GT5 wasn't native 1080p, it lacked a lot of lines. Can't remember the exact resolution (was it 1280x1080?). GT6 on PS3 should stick to 720p.

BABYLEG1988d ago

Last time I didn't have Internet, I was 11 years old watching Gore get cheated by the bush fam.

If needing an Internet connection gives me better games, then I expect to see it at e3.

Now every single game will take advantage of the cloud. So if what they are saying is true, Sony might be in for a fight. Anyone wonder why Sony hasn't said anything yet? They're not brave enough because their fan bitches will cry.

If ya smelellelelellellelel what the leg is cookin

torchic1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

that's you, living in I presume, America.

I recommend you buy this book, called an Atlas. in there you'll be shocked to find that apart from the country in which you live in, there are other countries too!

The Atlas will show you other useful stats about all the different countries, including GDP, household income, and other stats that show how developed all these countries are.

here's a hint, the less developed a country is, the less inclinded it would be to have the necessary infrastructure to carry out Xbox One's mandatory online requirements.

The Atlas is a wonderful book, you should try it out!

ebreda1987d ago

I presume you've seen that this Atlas of yours shows that some people in some countries do not have electricity too. Or money to buy any system, for that matter.

I say we stick to free to play mechanic BaffleBall machines from the twenties. I'm sure David Gottlieb would be proud.

3-4-51987d ago

Forza games are always good and so many dev's could learn a thing or 2 from their Paint customization and Auction House.

People literally play the game just for that.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1988d ago

and Forza 5 will probably have about 800 Ultra Premium cars compared to around 100 for Drive Club and 300 for GT6. Even if Evolution studios and Polyphony share their car models they still have half the amount of Next Gen cars compared to Forza 5.

iGAM3R-VIII1988d ago

We haven't even seen what the car list is?!?! We have't even heard any news about this. You can't just guess. You never know pal

3-4-51987d ago

Well considering the last few Forza's had 400+ cars, it's safe to say that there will be at least 400 cars.

MikeMyers1988d ago

Enough. This is about Forza 5, not stupid console wars.

Bring on next gen!

HammadTheBeast1988d ago

As much as I disagree with your opinion sometimes...

This is great news, and the game looks fantastic so far. This is what Xbox One should be shown as.

Reverent1988d ago

Do you really have to bring fanboyism into this? Can't you just be happy with the game and leave that childish crap out of it?

On topic, Forza 5 is looking awesome. I'm a sucker for racing sims so I can't wait to play this along with GT6 and Driveclub.

Kennytaur1988d ago

DriveClub isn't a proper sim, it's somewhere in between a sim and and an arcade racer.

XabiDaChosenOne1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

The Xbox0ne is factually inferior to the PS4 in specs by quite a margin, I think its safe to assume that what ever the Xbox one is doing the PS4 WILL be doing better.
@JP1369 whaa? :-)

Eldyraen1988d ago

It can't control my tv half as well--so take that!

Seriously though, I'm still probably going to buy both as long as the games are there. I enjoy their exclusives and just want to see what both companies (and even Nintendo to a lesser degree) bring next week to show off why I need them and which should be my first.

FamilyGuy1988d ago

GT6 confirmed having 1200 cars...

Maybe your use of the word "premium" somehow makes the Forza cars you're speaking of stand apart. Premium as in DLC? Premium as in more detailed in some special way?

I don't know what you meant by this but if you just meant cars in the game GT6 already has this beat and no number for the amount of included cars has been stated for drive club yet. Drive Club looks amazing though so I wouldn't mind even if they only had 50 cars lol.

TXIDarkAvenger1988d ago

GT6 confirmed having 1200 cars...but the question remains, how much of them are premium cars. Premium cars in GT5 are highly detailed cars, unfortunately there were more standard cars than premium. Standard cars are essentially imported PS2 cars hence they aren't as detailed and more notably have no cockpit view.

Forza on the other hand has no standard cars. Every car is premium with cockpit view.

Dasteru1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Considering GT5 had over 400 premium cars, and GT6 is using an improved version of the same engine, which means all the cars from GT5 will most likely be carried over, what makes you think GT6 will only have 300 premiums? Realistically they should have atleast 600+ this time around.

Besides, i would rather have 1100 (1200+ stated for GT6) cars total with only 400 premiums vs 500 premiums and 600-700 less total cars to choose from.

Also the detail of the premiums in GT5 is about 25% higher than Forza 4.

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greenpowerz1988d ago

This game is going to be Ace. I read this uses MSFT's Azura cloud tech. I'll guess this game's worlds/tracks will become living breathing worlds with dynamic environments like unmatched crowds, effects background dynamic weather. All the Xbox would have to do is handle the visuals of the weather.

Forza 4 is one of my favorite games of this generation.

MikeMyers1988d ago

I can't wait to see what new Live features they add and how cloud gaming and those 300,000 servers will impact this. E3 is just a few days away.

JP13691988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

For the last time, the latency of cloud computing will not allow it to assist in rendering. Jesus, Digital Foundry broke it down into a level of detail that any idiot could understand and yet the MS faithful are still hammering away about imaginary tech.

Edit: To the disagrees:

theWB271988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I guess Intel doesn't know what they're talking about. They've been doing it since 2003...10 years ago.

Learn to read the part where he says it can be used by any organization, and they had to address LATENCY...he addressed it at the end. Learn to read...signed clueless

JP13691988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

You're clueless. That's production rendering that isn't dependent on latency, not the real-time rendering you'd need for gaming.

Edit: I didn't miss the part about them addressing latency, I just assumed you would be smart enough to know that a solution used by Dreamworks probably wouldn't be making it into your living room anytime soon.
MS themselves have said that the cloud wouldn't be used for rendering, but possibly other functions that don't need to be updated 1.2 trillion times a second. You keep hanging on to that thread of hope though, okay buddy?

Dasteru1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


That is just normal cloud rendering, meaning all content is stored locally at the render farms to be processed.

What MS is claiming for XBOne would require the game data to be streamed from each persons XBOne system, to MSs systems, rendered, then streamed back to be re-processed by the XBOne for use.

The lag would be in the area of a few seconds atleast. Imagine pressing a button on a shooter and having to wait 3-4 seconds before anything happens.

The tech to do it any other way does not yet exist.

It's all just more of MSs typical marketing BS.


Unless MS has developed technology that is 20 years beyond anything else on the planet, they are full of crap. I do not need to work for them to know that.

Simple common sense and a basic understanding of modern data streaming capabilites is all that is needed.

whoyouwit041988d ago

Dude, this is a opinion article, know one knows what Microsoft can do with the cloud other then them and developers. however, they must be doing something right for avalanche studios to praise it the way they have.they are someone who has their hands on the hardware; not someone assuming what Xbox one can and can't do. stop being a sony sheep.

MikeMyers1988d ago


I am talking about less latency while playing other people online. Kind of what dedicated servers do for the PC. I am also talking about how the game can change even when you're not playing, which is already a reality. Your game is essentially copied to the cloud, ready for quick access with updates already installed. You could also get challenges when you sign up from friends and instant updates like a Twitter feed.

"Bob just beat your lap time"

"John is now hosting a race and it is about to begin in 30 seconds, do you want to join"

"Bambie wants you to give her car a paint job"

"A 24 hour race is still going, David is asking you to take over the wheel as he wants to go out"

Some people need to lighten up, they get far too caught up in all this drama and negativity. I look at the possibilities while others are quick to shoot everything down. Are we here because we enjoy games or are we here to argue all day long and tell people they are clueless?

JP13691988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I wasn't even complaining about your comment, as cloud computing can definitely bring the features you're talking about. I just can't stand people spouting off a bunch of BS about technology that doesn't even exist at the level they're saying.
WB27- Another thing, pretty sure Xbox Live doesn't count as a WAN. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Whoyouwit- the only thing I've heard an avalanche of third parties support is the PS4. When it comes to the cloud, devs have been misquoted to get a headline worthy of hits. Face it, the technology doesn't exist and if it did, Sony would already be further ahead with a proven network (Gaikai).

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baodeus1988d ago

stop hyping it up too much, what you wanted is still a bit far fetch (need time).

with that said, forza is up there with the top racing game franchises out there and can't wait to get this.

nigelp5201988d ago

WHO CARES. I still havent finished Forza 3 yet

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