'Missing' Tekken Creator Found: Harada Was 'At Home Drinking Tequila'

CVG: ''On June 4 the Tekken Project's support team posted an update on Katsuhiro Harada's Twitter profile, reporting that the much-loved Namco producer was missing.

A day later, the team was reportedly able to confirm Harada-san was safe using his Steam activity. Although his account showed regular activity, Harada-san still had not reported to work, leading to doubt it was actually him using the account.

Thankfully, Harada-san has since resurfaced, along with an explanation for his absence: he was drinking and playing games.''

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MaideninBlack1965d ago

He was sick, too, as he stated on twitter, so he decided to work from home.

MegaLagann1965d ago

I had the feeling, knowing Harada, that this was some PR stunt for the next Tekken game, who knows, maybe it still is.

Oh, and on a side note: Harada is a pimp and I would gladly do tequila shots with him.

Heavenly King1965d ago

It is. They will announce Tekken for Steam.

GenericNameHere1965d ago

He's sick, and still looks like a badass! :D

Anyways, I think this was good for him. Remember when Ono was hospitalized for overworking or something like that? It's good Harada took a break, and cleared his mind and got away from stress by playing games and drinking some good ol' tequila!

andrewsqual1964d ago

He is also a huge PC head. In the amking of TTT2 he goes into a PC hardware store 2 to pick up some watercooling kits and more.

Z5011965d ago

How's that Tekken x Street Fighter development coming?

ScytheX31965d ago

lol doubt its gonna happen anymore. project is completely dead. nothing has been mentioned on it in months n months

jc485731965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

maybe he got so sick of Ono releasing HADOKEN HADOKEN on him. He almost choked to death.

kingPoS1965d ago

I can hardly wait for Tekken x Street Fighter & Tekken 7 to come out. Though I suspect they'll end up on next gen consoles.

I'll buy em both even It's probably a year or two away from happening.

mydyingparadiselost1965d ago

I want to get drunk and make games when I grow up!

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