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Submitted by CindyLennox 974d ago | review

The Last of Us Review | BioGamer Girl

"Naughty Dog has managed to create a beautiful story within something as dark as a zombie apocalypse with The Last of Us. The game has you coming to terms with your own mortality and makes you second-guess the people you would trust your own life with during such a bleak time." (PS3, The Last Of Us) 7/10

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Walker  +   974d ago
What the hell is this ?!
Kanzes  +   974d ago
It's normal. There's always a site that want to get a hit
xHeavYx  +   974d ago
Biogamergirl?? Who???
From the review "Our duo can often take out a room of armed baddies without breaking a sweat and after getting shot over a dozen times--only have a small red blotch within eyesight" Seriously?
How is that a complaint? Doesn't this happen in pretty much all games? Snake takes thousands of trainer soldiers, same with COD.
This is the reason why men make kitchen jokes.
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theBAWSE  +   974d ago
Begging for hits just mark the site down
miyamoto  +   974d ago
Dont feed these negative trolls there is enough positive energy to feed on TLOU.
Dont give them hits nor clicks


Shake your head and walk away.

TLOU Genki Dama will decimate all this negativity about PS3
We are the secret weapon against MS. We are anonymous. We are legion.
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Kran  +   974d ago
They only get the hits if people let it.

Which so many people just bow down to doing...

Silly gamers.
Blastoise  +   974d ago
Bit odd considering the numerous times I've seen this website hand out 10/10's like they're nothing

Seriously they give a 10 to everything included Resident evil 6 for christ sake

I'd post the many 10's this site has handed out to many underwhelming games but I may get flagged for spam

Still, totally hyped to play The Last Of Us lol
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   974d ago | Funny
Not part of Metacritic.This 7/10 has about as much sway as a fart in the wind.

Move along people, nothing to see here.
ZodTheRipper  +   974d ago
Same site gave Remember Me a 9/10 ...haha.
yewles1  +   974d ago
Misandrists confimed?...
JoGam  +   974d ago
Thanks for informing me.
kostchtchie_  +   974d ago
"about as much sway as a fart in the wind"

ha ha did make me laugh this nice summer night :P

thank you
starchild  +   974d ago
Well now we know, at least, that people who love Remember Me seem to not like The Last of Us.
zu4G  +   973d ago
N4G suck this days ..
DoomeDx  +   974d ago
A beautifully designed website. Thats for sure

CryofSilence  +   974d ago
Hit seeker. Let's not oblige. Don't click. ;)
husomc  +   974d ago
LOL the banner says it all. it's master chief's gaming review blog :D
Virtual_Reality  +   974d ago
And Remember Me have 9 of score in this site.....

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FamilyGuy  +   974d ago
Maybe it was too violent for her?
Adam Sessler warned people in his video review that it's not for the violence fearing types.
sparta76  +   974d ago
Nevermind, I was going to say something that was already said☺
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Aceman18  +   974d ago
it seems gamerankings counts her score while metacritic does not.

both these sites are weird in who they want to count, and who they dont want to count.
lilbrat23  +   974d ago
wth is Oh another site that wants hits which they will not get from me :-) nothing to see here folks lets keep it moving.
heyjiggajay  +   974d ago
Hey, every gaming site had to start somewhere.
back_after_this  +   973d ago
"another site that wants hits which they will not get from me".

You, and others, criticize the site without visiting the site to read the review. How do you know the 7/10 isn't justified?

Just because someone gave a lower than expected score doesn't mean it's wrong, Nor does it mean they're just fishing for hits and certainly doesn't deserve the heat it's taking here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don't have to like it but you should respect it.
lilbrat23  +   973d ago
@ back_after_this

TOP RATED sites gave it a 10/10 or 5/5 please if someone with NO justification other then hits is not worth ME reading.
diepdiep  +   974d ago
I'm not going to even read it.
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ltachiUchiha  +   974d ago
Its like me reviewing a halo game & giving halo a 7 then u go on my site and see Joel on the backround haha fail so hard lol.

Edit: Dont give that site any hits. Shes a halo fangirl lol.

Edit: For those who think i hate halo, i actually love halo but ill call u out if i smell BS. Keep it real biochiefgirl.
No preview from her, FAIL.
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Relientk77  +   974d ago

edit: Wow says the site with Master Chief planted on the top of it

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ZodTheRipper  +   974d ago
"Most of the game's AI are awful and terribly unbalanced"
Definately fail after playing the demo. Also, a lot of reviews are praising TLOU's AI as one of the best this gen.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   974d ago
Did they play on exterme noob? AI seemed pretty intelligent to me
HammadTheBeast  +   974d ago
This AI blows Halo's AI out of the water easily.
KingofGambling  +   974d ago
Couldn't care less of this review, going to buy it.
goldwyncq  +   974d ago
As Nathan Drake would say: Oh crap!
nevin1  +   974d ago
Besides Zod18, has anybody else played the game?
ZodTheRipper  +   974d ago
I just played the demo, don't know what makes you think that I've played the full game.
Games4ever  +   974d ago
Girls just play sims.

Most of the sims sh*t games gets 9/10

The Last of Us only gets 7/10

ha ha
heyjiggajay  +   974d ago
It's almost like they have an opinion or something.
Jayjayff  +   973d ago
"The site has girl on the title, MUST BE WRITTEN BY A GIRL" It ins't, you guy should take a timeout. *And the amount of people that try to refuse the constant sexism lol*
Anyways, Everytime I read a review that's below 8, I wonder. Do majority of all games get 4-5 in these sites? I haven't play the game but just in animation/sound/world design/ and just overall production value, I know for a fact Naughty dog delivers and no one has one complain on these front. Which makes it above average by default. These people have to be troll.
wishingW3L  +   974d ago
people please, hits is what they want! So calm down, take a deep breath and relax. ;)
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CGI-Quality  +   974d ago
Wouldn't worry about the Meta with this (if you are). They aren't on it.
WiIIiam  +   974d ago
Not only is this article a desperate cry for attention, it is also one of the most poorly constructed pieces of writing I have seen in quite some time. Case in point: "Our duo can often take out a room of armed baddies without breaking a sweat and after getting shot over a dozen times--only have a small red blotch within eyesight for it whereas they can then duck for cover to recharge. However, the gory death scenes are spot on and make it seem like more of a penalty then most games."
BushLitter  +   974d ago
It's just ridiculous
brettyd   974d ago | Immature | show
perfectCarbonara   974d ago | Immature | show
ltachiUchiha  +   974d ago
Not to be a whiner but visiting the site master chief is in the backround lol. Plus u gave halo 4 a 10 out of 10, really? Hard to take your review serious. Well guess we all have our own opinion but i didnt even find a preview for the last of us on your site so i smell bs. I find that odd because usually there is a preview before a review.
cell989  +   974d ago
I just hate that these moronic websites get a free copy of TLOU and get to play it in advanced, only to trash it with their desperate website hits
Alos88  +   974d ago
For perspective, she scored Fuse an 8.
princeofthabay  +   974d ago
lmao Fuse got a 8.
Majin-vegeta  +   974d ago
Guy's don't give them hits.She just seeking attention.

Story quality??WTF

Like this site?Hell to the no
CaEsAr-  +   974d ago
Go back to kitchen please. Leave this game to real men.
Edit: Just noticed that Army of Two: Devil's cartel scored 8 lol WTF haha
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lucaskeller1  +   974d ago
For the 100th time metacritic should use the median instead of the mean cause it isnt affected by extreme values, it should also give a value to each site stating its standard deviation from the mean which would indicate how extreme their review is and make it easy to identify sites which arent credible
cell989  +   974d ago
Metacritic really needs to drop the hammer on some of these so called gaming journalists/critics sites like Polygon who are obviously bias should be demoted
ginsunuva  +   974d ago
Or take the mean of the median of both halves.
byeGollum  +   974d ago
guys don't be silly. . opinions vary, it may not suit you, and a 7 is a good score. Honestly, the media has abused the rating system, as a result . . .
#18 (Edited 974d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
theBAWSE  +   974d ago
*7 is a good score*??? WTF

Shouldn't you be out finding a ring or something...
Cam977  +   974d ago
Just downvote this site with "WTF" and "No". Clear troll review from some twisted, sadistic fanboy grudge against all things Sony. Master Chief is at the top of the page for goodness sake! A website's masthead is supposed to be a logo (generally), I don't know why this web-design noob would plant something non-Sony/Nintendo without countering it. Until the masthead had something by Sony or Nintendo as well, I'm ignoring this failed attempt for hits.

#19 (Edited 974d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
francknara6  +   974d ago
Lol at this comment:
June 6, 2013 at 12:34 PM
THE GAME is looking like a crappy paint on which a girl is escorting a pedo looking man in a ghetto city. It'll the best child abuse fetish dream you'd ever think of"

Human beeing is full of mysteries.
Alos88  +   974d ago
Kinda shows you what that guy had his mind on.
Chuk5  +   974d ago
N4G is a joke.
windblowsagain  +   974d ago
Is she fat?

That's the image I get from the sitename.
BABY-JEDI  +   974d ago
No she's not fat. She's Fatastic LoL...
plaZeHD  +   974d ago
I read it, totally bullshit.
The reviewer said the game is extremely linear, which is false. Judging from my playthrough of the demo. The game is wide, but still linear, or wide-linear, if you will. The reviewer even admitted it at first, I don't understand why the reviewer dropped it at last. And the reviewer also said that the game is highly scripted, which is again false. Combat can be encountered in two ways. You can take a stealth path or an open encounter. And again the reviewer mentioned this too, at first.
The reviewer thinks being able to heal your self is a bad gameplay element.
This is why I can't take reviews seriously.
#23 (Edited 974d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
kneon  +   974d ago
Using some first aid is bad but hiding behind a rock while the invisible fairy doctors heal you is ok?
cell989  +   974d ago
I played the demo in all difficulties and everytime the encounter at the end of the demo was played out differently
KevPC  +   974d ago
wow...this same site gave resident evil 6 a 10/10
yugovega  +   974d ago
good review. seems if you arn't too big on violence this game is decent at best.
babis1974  +   974d ago
they must have been infected by biohazard!!!
Commodore_  +   974d ago
I was wondering why it got such a low review. I go to the site and see a giant Master Chief banner. OK, that explains it.
yugovega  +   974d ago
so having master chief (a gaming icon much like kratos, and mario) on your site makes you a fonboy/fangirl and makes you give low review scores? conspiracy i tell you. were is that magic bullet at?
Commodore_  +   974d ago
For someone like myself who isn't familiar with that site seeing a Master Chief background screams biased to me considering Halo isn't making headlines in the gaming media right now.
yugovega  +   974d ago
with e3 around the corner master chief is always in the headlins. if you look at n4g you would think the last of us is the only game being made if you go by headlines.
strigoi814  +   974d ago
SOULJER  +   974d ago
My cousin taste in woman has always been the same. He likes them silly, dumb, and clueless. Biogamergirl is his type of girl.
back_after_this  +   973d ago
Why bring yourself to childish name calling over a review that you don't agree with. This site is taking a bad turn for the worse.
syphon32  +   974d ago
F#$K You BioB#$ch, you shouldn't be allowed to review anything but bat sh$%
Convas  +   974d ago
Was that really necessary? Over a crappy review?

But somehow, these kinds of individuals are allowed 5 bubbles.
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