Rock Band Wii's Sexy White Drums

Rock Band for Wii might not have online play or downloadable songs, but it does have its very own white drum kit.

If you purchase the Wii version of Rock Band when it ships on June 22, you too can own this Wii-colored set of drums. Harmonix hasn't said whether the guitar and microphone controllers will also be white, but Wired is betting they will.

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VirusE3651d ago

.... yeah sexy until this time next year when they have turned yellow like most white electronics do.

ItsDubC3651d ago

The Wii is not about looks. It's about gameplay.


hoklee3651d ago

I prefer my black drum hahaha

BrotherNick3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

LOL, so true. I guess they'll learn to be clean?

xhairs3651d ago

I love it, bought some logitech speakers for my PC all in white, beautiful. Takes it away from the standard black ahhh I love it.

Birdman183651d ago

yeah, they look good until the pedal breaks, and the middle of the heads rip apart.. I have had 5 demos break in my store, and countless #'s of exchanges and returns because the guitar or the drum kits have broken within months. not to mention, my own personal guitar AND drum pedal busted(guitar went out within 2 weeks). so for all you wii owners, hopefully harmonix has a little more quality for these drums compared to the 360 and ps3