Analyst Believes Xbox One And PS4 Could Solve Used Games Issue By Looking At PC

Forbes - One of the biggest issues heading into E3 2013 in Los Angeles remains the specifics surrounding how used games will play on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. And when I use the term “used games” I’m not just focusing on the estimated $2 billion global market, according to research firm Newzoo, that accounts for the trade-in and sales of games and hardware. I’m also talking about friends letting friends borrow their game (a very common occurrence) and also the rental games market (which has exploded with automated kiosks like Redbox). All of these forms of access games that you didn’t purchase would be impacted if some of the rumors are true about Xbox One. Sony has been keeping relatively quiet on this whole situation thus far.

Peter Warman, CEO of research firm Newzoo, has a few solutions that will certainly placate gamers, who, after all, are the driving force behind the growth of console games.

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jagiii2021d ago

I don't see Sony or Microsoft ever doing what's right for the gamer, especially with lowering the prices of games.

Donnieboi2021d ago

You must not know Sony, then.

himdeel2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

As long as the price of games are comparable to that of PC games then yes. When I was a PC gamer used games or purchasing used games never crossed my mind. It didn't exist but the price of the games was so low I didn't care.

Blachek2021d ago

The culture for PC games isn't the same, I agree with you on never even thinking about sharing computer games. Cd-keys and product codes prohibited much of it. Consoles are following suit to protect profits.

sashimi2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

PC prices are so low because unlike console platform holders, PC i.e steam and those services like them don't need to deal with retailers and they don't have the overhead needed to produce disc and ship them worldwide & R&D cost since hardware is solely up to the end-user. Not to mention Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo have to rely on retailers to sell their consoles while steam and all those other services do not have to deal with that kind of problem because they are simply a online only service.

ShaunCameron2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

And lose money on each game sold, selling them for less than however much it cost to make them, having to sell twice as many copies just to break even?

<I don't see Sony or Microsoft ever doing what's right for the gamer, especially with lowering the prices of games.>

I don't think they can for as long as they're reliant on retailers to sell their hardware. The last they wanna do is piss them off by undercutting them. Plus they have a rather narrow window to recoup the costs which is why games are usually set at premium price.

FrigidDARKNESS2021d ago

It has already won one battle the used game markets.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2021d ago

The only used game 'issue' is the one Microsoft created.

Dlacy13g2021d ago

Right... we can just all forget about the season passes issue that arose a few years back which was in direct response to companies like EA and Ubisoft wanting to get something out of Used game sales. You are totally right...that never happened and was never raised up as a huge issue that gamers raged over.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2021d ago

Microsoft's approach is taking it a step further than the season passes required for online games. I was mostly referring to the Xbox One's new restrictions as the article was referring to the next generation consoles.

Tenkin2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Blame EA, they've been pushing for it with sim city

LAWSON722021d ago

The problem is I do not want my consoles to be more like my PC it gives me less of a reason to own them.

LAWSON722021d ago

no I was trying to say it gives me less of a reason to own consoles.

andrewsqual2021d ago

There was a used games issue before this Xbox One mess?

Dlacy13g2021d ago

How soon we forget... and this is why these kinds of issues aren't really an issue. Gamers will bitch for a year or so...then it will become like it is on PC...just accepted.

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The story is too old to be commented.