oprainfall Staff Picks: Top 10 Most Wanted Smash Bros. Characters

oprainfall writes: "Can you smell that? That, my friends, is the aroma of E3 creeping up on you.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time where all gamer’s lose their minds. And this year Nintendo fans are in for a treat, despite the big N not holding its usual press conference with all its bells and whistles, as they will be presenting a highly anticipated special Nintendo Direct. And one of the many reasons why their upcoming direct is so anticipated is the ‘promise’ of the reveal of the brand new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS. Will it just be a trailer? Will there be a playable demo? Who knows?… well, Nintendo does, but needless to say it has gotten the staff here very excited. So excited in fact, that this has happened: "

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exfatal1994d ago

6-1 were pretty damn predictable

3-4-51993d ago

Why Little mac ? I loved Punch out growing up bakc in the 90's but all his moves would be punches. That takes all the creativity out of the character.

It's the laziest of the choices.

* Draqon Quest Hero

* Shulk

* FFTactics Advance representative

* Andy - AW -3DS version

herbs1994d ago

Ridley would be bad ass. I would love to see classic old school characters like Megaman, Simon Belmont, Samurai Goro and Ryu Hyabusa. I think Ryu and Samurai Goro could maybe happen but the other two are just wishful thinking.

kirbyu1994d ago

Is that the Ryu from Ninja Gaiden or Street Fighter?

herbs1994d ago

Ninja Gaiden although Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter would be great to ;)

Myst1994d ago

Oh man I almost forgot about Sin and Punishment it would be kind of cool to see those characters. I think with the way the WiiU is designed they could easily have some DLC characters. I would hope so to keep the roster full.