US Supreme Court Won't Hear Microsoft's Novell Appeal

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear Microsoft's appeal of Novell's multibillion-dollar antitrust suit against it. The news hit just as Novell's annual BrainShare user conference was getting started.

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THWIP3622d ago

A negative story about MS...that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the gaming industy...gets approved by the N4G Sony fanboys/admins. You "guys" are pathetic.

Kholinar3622d ago

Yeah, I was shocked by the same sort of thing every time we got a blu-ray/hd-dvd story that had nothing to do with the ps3 or 360 drive.

Ghoul3622d ago

you might be right but your comment was pure flameware ....

xhairs3622d ago

Has nothing to do with gaming? Of course it does, those that use PC's might be concerned with such a thing. What happened to all those other articles about bill gates? he isn't gaming but it's approved.

le killer3622d ago

i can't beleive it either thwip. i only popped in to see if the usual suspects had posted. and i'm surprised they have'nt! but i realise now why they aint, because there's another "microsoft is panicking" thread for them all to gnash to their teeth in!

and i could'nt agree with you more, this should now just be re-named to not only is it full of them. they've all got approbal rites to boot aswell.

THIS SITE HAS GONE DOWN THE BOG IN JUST OVER A MONTH! WELL DONE TO YOU ALL! llets see if i get the favourite reply "you just don't like the cold hard truth" lol something that is lacking on here of late

Kholinar3622d ago

"and i could'nt agree with you more, this should now just be re-named to not only is it full of them. they've all got approbal rites to boot aswell."

Meh... if Sony released another Rootkit every article about it would be all over. See all the HD-DVD apologist articles.

It seems like it's all news4sony because that's what draws your attention. Sony fans will see the opposite. The only group I see that's under-represented on this site is Nintendo fans, but they're still vocal enough that it's cool.

kevin11223622d ago

wow, i never saw you all complaining last year when the situations were reversed and sony was catching all the flack. If you all dont like the article, dont read it.

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THWIP3622d ago

Hey, moron...try reading the [email protected] story, before you make asinine comments. It concerns WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE for the pc. How in the HELL does that apply to News4Gamers???

The_Engineer3622d ago

the scourge of the software industry is trying to control console gaming with its product I would say even gamers would take an interest in the fortunes of the gambinos of the pc industry.

xhairs3622d ago

If you take a look at the link tabs at the very top it does say INDUSTRY. Not XBOX 360. This is an article about Microsoft and their product, Microsoft being the industry. Please stop trying to use a thesaurus when you don't even know what those words mean.

THWIP3621d ago

...the "industry" tab is for the GAMING industry. Get it? No, of course you don't, because you're a [email protected] MORON. :o

le killer3622d ago

are you admin? coz looking at your diplomatic and neautral comment, i could easily mistake you for one!!

if you are mate, do yourself and this site a favour, and take a long hard look at the people who have approval rites around here, and chop some of them quick. they're ruining things mate! in a big way!

Kholinar3622d ago

Nah... not an admin. Plus I enjoy brawling at times, so I'd have to behave a bit more if I was.

I agree though. There are definitely people who game the approval process, as well as the moderation system. Unfortunately that's pretty impossible to fix. Eventually that sort of thing either kills a site or makes it into the sort of place that no-one decent wants to visit....