Two New Dragon’s Crown Trailers Show the Strength of the Amazon and the Power of the Wizard

As the nasty internet pundits didn’t manage to stop the release of Dragon’s Crown, nor to damage its popularity, the game is speeding unimpeded towards its North American release date of August the 6th for both PS3 and PS Vita.
Today Atlus USA released two new trailers.

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skyrimer1815d ago

can't wait to play this

miyamoto1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

What better way to kick some ass with a bad jumbly ass like that! I am gonna get me that Amazon ass day one! I ma gonna rub my face all nightvwith her ass and imagine she is my wife! Nerdgasm!

BEST EVER BUTT KICKIN' ASS I ever seen on a video game. I would happily be that nice Amazon ass!

Love at first sight that Amazon.

Who needs porno with a game like this?! This is better than sex?

She is as fast as Blaze Fielding but with more butt action and bad assery on the battle axe like she is a female Shin Getter Robo!

Sorceress tits on my face wouldnt hurt either but her boobd are overkill!

Bimkoblerutso1814d ago

...I recognize the satire of your comment, just to let you know.

Snookies121815d ago

I'm going Wizard all the way. He's badass...

Studio-YaMi1814d ago

Plus,you can get to summon an awesome minion to fight for you ! xD

Inception1815d ago

Amazon looks interesting, gameplay wise (and design >:D). Still, Elf, Sorceress, and Fighter take first priority for me.

Abriael1815d ago

I'm going fighter all the way, with Wizard as my second choice :D

rextraordinaire1815d ago

I'll start with a Wizard first, then I'm tempted by the Fighter or the Elf. Can't wait! :)