FIFA 14 hands-on: five ways you'll have to rethink how you play | OXM UK

OXM UK: "We've finally got our our unwashed mitts on FIFA 14, after previewing it at length in April, and we're generally impressed at how EA is going about trying to make a more exciting, realistic game of football. It's no mammoth overhaul, clearly, but the devil does appear to be in the detail."

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ZodTheRipper2016d ago

Every year the same promises that turn out to be minor changes in gameplay.

HxCGamer2016d ago

minor changes in physics make a huge difference!
especially for people like me who easily put 500+ hours into the game every year

ZodTheRipper2016d ago

Yeah but do they make the game play better or just different? ;)
And more importantly, do they justify buying a whole new game?

3-4-52016d ago

Maybe this year I'll get PES 2014 instead...or maybe both.