FIFA 14 preview: A different game, but not necessarily a better one | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "Short-blanket syndrome: a term used to describe having inadequate resources to deal with a fixed problem. It's cold, you're in bed, your blanket is a just a bit too small. Either your feet or your shoulders will get cold. All you can do is choose which way to suffer.

I couldn't help but think of this phrase while playing FIFA 14. Hundreds of thousands of hours have been poured into the franchise to get it to the point where it stands now, and the fundamentals of the game's mechanics - the very foundations upon which this towering behemoth has been built - are resolutely fixed."

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Yi-Long1990d ago

... which EA still hasn't bothered to fix (constant freezes) after 8 months, there's no way I'll be getting FIFA14 anyway.

Will most likely go for PES2014 this fall, unless it turns out to be a mediocre game.

GenericNameHere1990d ago

Can someone please tell me the differences between PES and FIFA?