Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 hands-on: Gears of wardrobe | Polygon

Polygon: "The third entry in the Final Fantasy 13 saga is both perplexing and easy to slip into. Square Enix has fashioned a new, wardrobe-based battle system for players to explore, while giving players direct, real-time control of Lighting. The result is an action game built on a foundation of costume customization and more traditional role-playing game mechanics."

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rataranian1988d ago

Im looking forward to the game called "Lightning Doesn't Return"

adorie1988d ago

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Six Feet Under

SexyGamerDude1988d ago

"I don't like this game so I'm going to click on the link to an article about it"

Some people on this site don't make any sense to me.

CrossingEden1988d ago
more than half the people on this site feed off of negativity

BldyShdw1988d ago

Yeah, I'm kind of tired of clicking on articles about certain games (especially if I enjoy them like FFXIII) because I know it will be the same people telling everyone they don't like it.