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EDGE: "Lords Of Shadow’s brief history is as bold as it is bizarre. MercurySteam’s reboot of the series began by ignoring ten centuries of established Castlevania continuity and was controversial enough within Konami that it required Hideo Kojima’s seal of approval to shepherd it through production. The game’s ending saw the hero revealed as Dracula, a twist explained months later in two largely unpopular downloadable episodes, which producer Dave Cox would describe as 'a mistake'. Further critical plot points appeared only in a sequel that was available exclusively on 3DS, despite the original game appearing on PS3 and 360. Now the third Lords Of Shadow – of course named Lords Of Shadow 2 – casts players as Gabriel-Belmont-turned-Dracula , God’s chosen warrior in a war against Satan conducted here in the 21st century. Is nothing about Castlevania sacred?"

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teedogg801993d ago

Still one of my most anticipated games. First one was great, also very long.

Crystallis1993d ago

"all shall come to fear me"

Rhomiel1993d ago

Another platinum ¨trophy¨ I will have to add to my collection.

Lord_Sloth1993d ago

GIVE IT BACK TO THE JAPANESE! This GoW clone is pathetic and the story is lame! CV Final Boss fight is....Satan wearing nothing but a tiny black cloud....Wait wha-?

starchild1993d ago

You're ridiculous. Castlevania Lords of Shadow is far better than the old Castlevania games.

It also is better than God of War, in my opinion. Although I like God of War quite a lot as well. I just found the narrative, characters, setting, and even gameplay to be more enjoyable.

Lords of Shadow on PC and soon Lords of Shadow 2...such good news for me.

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