Platinum Games Designer Tells Smash Bros Fans To "F*** Off"

MCV: ''Ultimate Nintendo fanboy pleaser Smash Bros isn't to everyone's tastes.

It takes a special type of enthusiast to pour hours into pummeling Pikachu repeatedly in his far too chirpy face, and an even more avid fan to spend your days speculating which forgotten character will be added to an already packed roster.

Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya is not one of those fans. Far from it.''

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LOL_WUT2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Wow and this guy is a game designer for Bayonetta and the Wonderful 101 what a douche! ;)

PurpHerbison2019d ago

Oh but if Jaffe does something similar he gets praised.

thechosenone2019d ago

HAHAHAHAAAAAA! I love moments like these.

Blacktric2019d ago

"what a douche! ;)"

Why don't you say that to his face? Or at least on Twitter.

Do. Not. Mess. With. Kamiya!

ShinMaster2019d ago

Jaffe never told his fans to f*ck off.

Why does anything remotely negative about Nintendo have to be countered with some unwarranted form of anti-Sony comment.

PurpHerbison2019d ago

Don't get mad at me for playing the N4G comment game. I did pretty well.

DragonKnight2019d ago

Calm down Smash fanboys. Kamiya was getting bombarded with people asking him to put Bayonetta in the next Smash game and he just got fed up about it. You try having your twitter bombarded with the same stupid question over and over and see how you handle it.

Blackdeath_6632019d ago

would be wonderful if the gaming community just trolls him for the next week and keeps asking derpy questions about smash bros.
twitter rage is an indirect way of publicly announcing something is annoying you only to receive a shitstorm of even more annoying tweets about the thing that was originally annoying you. it happens all the time i almost feel like a word needs to be invented to describe this occurrence

ABizzel12019d ago

Bayonetta doesn't fit in "Smash" to begin with, so I don't understand the Nintendo fans wanting her in there.

Smash consist of a largely "Rated E" cast of characters. Adding a gory, hyper-sexual, violent Bayonetta to the game just doesn't fit.

bigfish2019d ago

why bring Jaffe into this?, he is a better designer than Kamiya will ever be, its embarrassing to even mention him in the same sentence as Jaffe... Jafe has the right to say F*** Off if he wants,,, Kamiya still needs to earn it

Yodagamer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@bigfish, as much as i like david's games, i have to disagree with you there. Hideki was responsible for Re2, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May cry, Okami, bayonetta, and i'm looking forward to the wonderful 101. Hideki Has earned his right to say it just as much as jaffe has imo

fatstarr2019d ago

at least he knows people care about the game they are making lol. when the internet is involved everything gets done and nothing gets done at the same time.

Enemy2018d ago

Kamiya just needs to stfu and not speak ever. He doesn't even respect his own fans.

Gaming1012018d ago Show
Mounce2018d ago

@PurpHerbison - That's because Jaffe generally is pissed the fuck off, AND speaks rationally, logically. His opinions can be logical and angry at the same time. Not a lot of people can be pissed off and still retain rational deduction.

That, and Jaffe at heart is a silly, humble guy, he's awesome like that. He's not a douche, he's like say, Gordon Ramsey, both are nice guys, but can get really pissed off, but for their own reasons.

DrJones2018d ago

Japanese people use the word "f**k" in a far more casual non offensive way. It doesn't carry the same intonation as in the west.

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Donnieboi2019d ago

Kamiya is an arrogant jerk. It was his idea to remove ALL of Kojima's MGS Rising story plot (which was fully finished and ready to go), and replaced it with Platinum's lame, non-related story.

jc485732019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

No, Kamiya WAS never involved with Rising, which he angrily tweeted as well to fu**ing clarify. Other PG staffs simply asked KP to change the story a bit, so it was a collaborative script. Man, just because one Japanese goes off like that, you guys are taking advantage of this moment to sound off like the good guy and Kamiya is the jerk.

Edit: Get used it. Kamiya is what he is.

Heavenly King2019d ago

the truth is that revengeance is a bad game at the end of the day. The story is so stupid.

and the badass Raiden we got in MGS4; became a cocky retarded.

Disappointment all over the place.

RyuX192019d ago

He has nothing to do with Rising. Nothing at all.

Aceman182019d ago

Its the reason why I haven't bought the game yet PG cannot write a decent story to save their lives Lol.

I'm just waiting for it to show up on PS+ so I can get it for free.

Blacklash932019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Kamiya had nothing to do with Rising, he was working on 101 ever since Bayonetta was done.

But whatever, from the disagrees I can tell people here don't care about the truth and fair judgement when they're inclined to rage at someone.

Hayabusa 1172019d ago

Rising is an amazing game, don't knock it! Is the narrative lame? No, it's super-lame. Would it have been better with a proper Kojima story line? 1000% better...but the combat is so damn good, I can forgive everything else that's wrong with it (just think of it as a Platinum game, not a Metal Gear Solid game...)

I have major respect for Platinum, they know how to make fcking good gameplay. They can insult anyone they want :)

Tito082018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@ Heavenly King- That's your own truth, or should I say "Your own opinion" because I did really enjoy Rising and it got good reviews, just because you don't like what Kamiya said or because Kojima didn't work on it doesn't mean Rising is a bad game, & that's the problem with a lot of gamers, now they're mad at the fact Keifer Sutherland will play Snake instead of Hayter, I take that as a good welcome since Sutherland is an excellent actor, get with the times people.

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Genuine-User2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Kamiya is a moron.
The person asked an innocent question and he replied with vulgarity.

SOD_Delta2019d ago

"神谷英樹 Hideki [email protected]_kamiya

I just hate idiots who ask same questions like 1000000000 times. RT @fallfastasleep: do you not like smash? Or just the idiots that play it?"

I can definitely understand his frustration. He didn't need to say "F**K Off" that's just not professional, but It's understandable (IMO)

DragonKnight2019d ago

@SOD_Delta: Why should he be professional on his personal twitter account?

NarooN2019d ago

It wasn't really "innocent" when you take into account how a bunch of idiots think asking the same question 9 billion times is gonna change anything.

And I don't see how he needs to be "professional" when it's his personal twitter. He's a human too, he doesn't need to act like a robot 24/7 just because he's a game dev.

SOD_Delta2019d ago

@DragonKnight Because he's the head of a game studio telling a potential buyer of his (I know it's not a Platinum game) product to "F**K Off". You just don't tell your fans/buyers to "F**k Off" It's bad for business.

But like I said I can understand his frustration.

yeahokchief2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

why is he so angry about being asked if bayonetta is in super smash bros?

i dont get it.

is it because the wii u sales are really bad right now and they are forced to be exclusive to wii u or is it because he is getting spammed about someone elses game?

if he was getting spammed i can understand it. perhaps teh combination of getting spammed and not having very fluent english.

booni32018d ago

In his defense, he is pelted with the same questions on a daily basis, because he is vocal enough to keep a line of communication with fans. He has outlines some way to "search" his Twitter log for key terms, just to see if he's already answered the question you're about to ask.

I can understand his frustration and he is one of my very favorite developers in the industry, BUT! Even I can admit he comes off a bit extreme sometimes.

Sometimes he just seems plain mean, but I guess people deserve it if they refuse to pay attention.

VileAndVicious2018d ago


Now Dragon... I seem to recall a certain other game developer who wasn't exactly nice to annoying fans on his personal twitter account *cough*Tameem*cough*. And people went after the guy with pitchforks.
True enough it may be a personal twitter account but I feel a certain amount of professionalism needs to be given. And if you ask me Kamiya has been massively disrespectful lately.

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Gamer19822019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

This isnt the first time these guys have done something like this over twitter they really should keep their mouths shut.. Nintendos NOT gonna like this..

MoveTheGlow2018d ago

Eh, it's Kamiya. I don't agree with him here, but that individual streak he's got makes him who he is. And I ain't wishing Bayonetta never existed, that's one of my favorite games of this gen.

miyamoto2018d ago

ROFL! This freaking crazy man! Mwahahahahah!
Nintendo land is chaos as we speak.
So.much desperation.
What is going on?

Jaffe and Kamiya are gaming gods , smash idi

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Mr_Nuts2019d ago

Ha...I'm guessing she won't be in Smash Bros then

I'm sure one day we'll see Bayonetta 2 on the PS4/Xbox One, I always thought Mass Effect would NEVER come to the PS3 at all. I was wrong.

-Mika-2019d ago

Im glad she won't be in Smash. Nintendo would just tone down her sexual moves and personality. Without those two things, she really not going to be an interesting character to play as.

DarkBlood2019d ago

you dont have a wiiu, it shouldnt matter to you lol

xHeavYx2019d ago

You are like Peter Molyneux, all you say is garbage, and you never shut up

o-Sunny-o2019d ago

Yeah i don't care about her. My Pikachu is in Smash Bros I'm happy. ^~^

Lord_Sloth2019d ago

So you find sluts interesting....?

dark-hollow2019d ago

Because its a family friendly brawler. We didn't see kratos ripping off heads in pasbr because both are T rated games.

ChickeyCantor2018d ago

" Nintendo would just tone down her sexual moves and personality. Without those two things, she really not going to be an interesting character to play as."

Yeah screw the combo system...SEX is where it's all at.

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SexyGamerDude2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Nintendo isn't going to let Bayonetta 2 let go to Xbox and PS. People need to just give up on that thought.

Go ahead and disagree but you know it's true. I'm trying to save you guys from being disappointed.

Mr_Nuts2019d ago

Never say never

@bass4g below

and Microsoft published Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden 2, your point is ?

Hayabusa 1172019d ago

Why would Nintendo be so protective over Bayonetta 2? Nintendo have the strongest first party franchises out of all the big three. It's Sony and Microsoft that need to whore exclusives and give away bags of money so their systems have exclusive games (less so for Sony obviously, they have quite a good mix of first party studios at the moment).

Bayonetta 2 will be coming to either Xbox One or PS4 or both. Just wait and see.

o-Sunny-o2018d ago

L.A. Noire payed by Sony to only be put on XBox...

bass4g2019d ago

nintendo are publishing it so no it's not going to go to other consoles.

ShinMaster2019d ago

Microsoft published Ninja Gaiden 2 and the first Mass Effect game and they ended up on PS3.
So as long as Nintendo doesn't own the IP, it is possible.

thaimasker2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

According to Kamiya the only way that would happen is if Nintendo ask them to port it there.

The only other way is if someone else such as EA bought platinum and wanted to put it on other platforms or something...not the most likely thing to happen. And if anyone is gonna buy Platinum, Nintendo is obviously the most likely buyers atm...

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PockyKing2019d ago

So? He's a person defending his project. Just because you run a business or are a professional at something doesn't mean you don't have emotions..

Neonridr2019d ago

yes but it's not a smart business move to reveal your emotions. Especially in the sense he did. Smash Bros is one of Nintendo's most prized franchises. The fact that Platinum thinks very little of it has to be the least bit insulting to Nintendo...

Kinda weird when Platinum and Nintendo are quite close.

PockyKing2019d ago

Oh I know it's not smart, obviously creates a bad image for you and your business. Just ridiculous that publications find this worth reporting on to snag clicks and create controversy.

lizard812882019d ago

But that is pretty bad. Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2 and then they tell a huge chunk of the Nintendo fanbase to fuck off....good. Platinum Games, You have no right to complain if Bayonetta 2 sells badly now.

Realplaya2019d ago

It's not that. Two entities have to decide if a character from another will be in the game.

People keep asking if she will be in the game but last I checked he wasn't making smash bros.
plus why don't people wait till the E3 reveal?

CrossingEden2018d ago

in the game market the one thing you wanna do is show off your passion

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abc12332019d ago

In what way is he "defending his project"?

vishmarx2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

wohoo....platinum ftw...
they wont be associated to shit even if they dont have a lot of money...

bass4g2019d ago

yes because smash bros is soooo shit smh....

vishmarx2019d ago

noo.... but beloved bayonetta fighting agianst gorills and princesses is

_QQ_2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

You realize Nintendo is funding Bayonetta2 right? so they in fact ARE associating themselves with Nintendo because they don't have a lot of money. Besides Nintendo isn't like Sony they don't include a character from every game coming out on their system, In a game that is supposed to celebrate Nintendo/Sony characters.

vishmarx2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

not realy...
unless it not called super bayo sisters im fine
if mario makes a cmeo pissed

ShinMaster2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

No but Nintendo uses multiple characters from the same franchises to fill up the roster
Whereas Sony used one of each and did not scrape the bottom of the barrel with characters like ROB or Game and Watch.

_QQ_2019d ago

OH Fat prnicess, the FACE of Playstation she definitely isn't a bottom of the barrel character,At least Nintendo added their most recognizable franchises in the game in the game, then added those"bottom of the barrel characters" after. No Cloud, Sony added Raiden and not Snake, No Tidus, Sora,Wander from SOTC?nope!And Nintendo uses characters from the same franchise because those characters are almost equally popular as the main,They are very Noteable Nintendo characters. Even Smash Bros had Snake.

G20WLY2019d ago

^Yeah, great point! Take Ice Climbers for example, that well known character, instantly recognisable...

No barrel-scraping there, nosiree! lmao

Both games are great, neither roster is perfect. Stop being so blindly loyal, it's embarrassing. The end. :)

ZombieNinjaPanda2018d ago

Many of those characters from 'the same franchises" have their own franchises.

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