PR Hands-on with Sony PS3 Update v2.20 - 'PS3 to PSP Playlists, 2GB Divx Files Playable'

Product-reviews writes:

"It's official, we now have the new PS3 update v2.20 and it's been downloaded and installed…what's new you may ask?

Lets Tell You:
Sadly there is no "Portable Copy", which is a shame as I really wanted the ability to easily copy a Blu-ray film to the PSP (a smaller version obviously).

The improved features from PS3 firmware 2.20 include the ability to play Divx content that is over 2GB and play Divx video subtitles, starting playback from where you stopped on Blu-ray or DVD now works (although some discs do not support Resume Play)."

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TriggerHappy3679d ago

They should have added fast browser loading.

marinelife93679d ago

When will we be able to watch quick time movies on the PS3? I want to be able to watch those 1080P Yahoo movie trailers.

M0KILLaU3679d ago

You can play quicktime vids. Ive been downloading quicktime(2.64h container vids)of the Totaly Rad Show for a long time now.

decapitator3679d ago

Yeah thats right. The browser works much better now and N4G works faster for me than it did before the update..:)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33679d ago

My Vision is starting to come together;)
Enjoy my Baby;)PS3

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33679d ago

Thank you my Loyal Disciples;)
Hope you all have many many many years of happiness like you did with the PS1+PS2+PSP;)

DEADEND3679d ago

Hey guy's this is off topic but someone should post this, just check out the link.

meepmoopmeep3679d ago

i'm most interested in BD 2.0.
Portable Record would have been nice though.

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