FIFA 14: Harder, Faster, Stronger, Maybe Better | IGN

IGN: "Let’s just get this out of the way up front - FIFA 14 on the current-generation of consoles feels very different. I know there’s always a great deal of cynicism surrounding annualised games and how different things really are, but this year’s FIFA really has made some noticeable changes. If you’re set in your ways – you know, one of those people who sprint whenever they receive the ball – you’ll undoubtedly find FIFA 14 a shock to the system."

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2016d ago
Heavenly King2016d ago

Harder, Faster, Stronger, uglier, "worster".


Fergusonxplainsall2016d ago

You guys remember how bad some of the first "sports" games were on systems. Anyway I still look forward to seeing some football gameplay.

Sucks about NHL not being next gen launch, Hope they pump out a beast next year for Hockey fans.

EA will have competition with NBA 2k and PES..So expect a shift in focus.

3-4-52016d ago

Fifa 07 for Original xbox was awesome while Fifa 07 for Xbox 360 released the same year was absolutely awful.