State Of Decay - Now Available On Xbox Live

Are you growing weary of maiming almost ceaseless zombie hordes on Black Ops? Fed up with tedious, disintegrating weapons on Dead Island? Well today’s your lucky day, gamer. State of Decay, the ambitious open world zombie-survival game from Undead Labs, is now available to download via Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft Points, and it’s pretty fantastic too.

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Killman2016d ago

I played the trial and they nailed the concept so well. My only problem and it is a bit of a large problem, are the bugs. Whether it is graphical glitches or some controls issues, the bugs are the biggest problem. They just need to patch those and we will be set. When I can, I will purchase this game.

thepluggy2015d ago

they are going to bring out a patch next week to fix a lot of the problems,quality game though.hope they release a full blown mmo if this sells well.which they were saying would happen.if it did.

BALLARD322015d ago

That's good news. I think it's selling quite well. I've seen a lot of people on my friends list getting it that I never thought would. Undead Labs deserve this. State of Decay is amazing.

despair2015d ago

that sounds pretty damn awesome.

-EvoAnubis-2016d ago

This is one of those games that makes me kinda wish I had a Xbox 360.

CaptainFaisal2015d ago

Any idea when the game is comming to PC?

CaptainFaisal2015d ago

No its not on PC now, currently its only available on the Xbox 360. However i was wondering if any one knew the release date for PC

ambientFLIER2013d ago

My bad. I saw a PC review on IGN and thought it was out already.