Ubisoft: Don't Write Off Wii U Yet

MCV: ''Despite mixed support from third parties, Ubisoft still believes Wii U can find a place in the market.

Nintendo is not holding an E3 press conference but will unveil a raft of new games on the showfloor. It will only take one to 'rescue' the console, according to EMEA exec director Alain Corre.

"It takes time for a machine to establish itself," he told MCV in a new pre-E3 interview.''

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yugovega1990d ago

someone saying good things about the wiiu's future? i'm sure this won't hit 100 degrees. lucky to hit 70 and have 10 comments.

TruthbeTold1990d ago

Only idiots, and fanboys who would never buy a Wii U anyway have written it off. It's sad that developers continually have to say these things to try and counter the negative b.s. that people love to wallow in.

yugovega1990d ago

most developers like ea are doing it a a stunt to gain good faith from fanboys not realizing how much it will hurt them in the long run.

1990d ago
dedicatedtogamers1990d ago

I have a lot of respect for Ubisoft (not simply because of these comments). They are by far the least "evil" of the big 3rd party publishers, and they make a lot of cool games. Sure, they do evil stuff (their always-online DRM? C'mon. Exclusive content for certain AssCreed versions? C'mon) but at least they do their job as 3rd party by putting their titles across all platforms.

andrewer1990d ago

thank god they took the always online thing from ACII, and if I remember correctly, gave up on this last year. They are awesome :D EA should learn a thing or 2 from them haha

Soulgamer781990d ago

LOL 20+ comment and over 100

LOL_WUT1990d ago

My hats off to Ubisoft for showing continuous support on the Wii U ;)

jonboi241990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Good job Ubisoft, we'll just overlook they fact that you delayed Rayman Legends from its initial Wii-U launch release, backed off on making Rayman Legends a Wii-U exclusive, giving the Vita version the same asymmetric co-op that was suppose to be only done on Wii-U and the free Wii-U challenge modes, Splinter Cell/Prince of Persia bonuses exclusive and 5 exclsive levels to Vita

Thanks Ubisoft....... at least your releasing your multiplatform games on Wii-U

Ilovetheps41990d ago

I posted this in another article, and it fits here so I'll post it.

The Wii U is looking very similar to the 3DS to me. If you honestly go back and look at the events during the early days of the 3DS, they look almost identical. There were so many doom and gloom articles about the 3DS and how Vita was going to destroy it. It didn't exactly turn out that way. I'm not saying the results will turn out the same, but right now the Wii U looks like the 3DS in its early days.

andrewer1990d ago
remember this? haha Nintendo wasn't the first one and won't be the last one to have a slow start.

xxchicago33xx1990d ago

I seriously think about that every time I see one of these articles.

jonboi241990d ago

At least in its early days the people actually knew that the 3DS was a new console. At work I still get people confused that the tablet controller is the Wii-U. Nintendo just can't seem to get that message out the the casuals market.

And on a side note the 3DS had one major thing that changer its course into the right direction. That emergency price drop, that saved the hell out of the 3DS. So unless the Wii-U has a major gambit like a price drop then a reasonable priced PS4 or a subsidized priced XBO will over shadow it this holiday.

mcstorm1990d ago

I agree. Yes the Wiiu is not as powerful as the Xbox one or ps4 but as I've said time and time again when has power decided a consoles fate. Psx, ps2, Wii, Gameboy, gab, ds and 3ds have all had the lest power in its gen and all sold the most in its gen. But if you also look at the market now you will see that for the 1st time in a very long time the 3 big names in the industry are all doing well. I think come the end of the next gen we will see a close result to in terms of total console sales and I think this is because all 3 are offering different ways to play games so pulls in different types of gamers. For me I own a Wiiu and really like the console but I will also buy a ps4 and Xbox one as the only way to get the best gaming experience is two own all of them as I want m fix of halo, forza fable, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, lbp, uc and get.

andrewer1990d ago

They supported Wii U since the beginning with like Zombi U and seems to be working very hard to deliver an excellent experience at its Wii U titles. Ubisoft FTW, they are not lazy like EA or the other developers that denied the system...

kingmushroom1990d ago

I'm shocked it hasn't been the hit the wii was back when it came out, I tried it and its great, that tablet is nice and light. Just give me Mario Galaxy 3

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