Kazunori Yamauchi Shows Off GT5 Prologue

Take a look as Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi sits down to demonstrate some of the new features in GT5 Prologue! He begins in the PowerHouse Amuse S2000 on High Speed Ring, then takes us through several options in Quick Tune Screen and uses the real time adjustment feature on the new Logitech wheel. Finally, we get a quick look at the new Drift Mode in a Ferrari F430. Despite some odd background music, it's a great video - see the video after the jump!

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CaliGamer3618d ago

The narrator is funny, he has that English documentary voice. Game seems fun, Yamauchi's setup for GT5P looks nice thought it seems like he is sitting a bit too close to the TV. Game looks sick tho.

Marcello3618d ago

From everything i have seen and read so far it appears you can only tweak/tune the cars settings and not buy new gear like exhausts, racing brakes & racing gearboxes is this right have they removed that from the game ??? big mistake if they have.

Quisp3618d ago

Of course you will be able to do that with GT5--not with prologue.

jpoulter3618d ago

There not in there because its not the full game... its just a taster of gt5 to come... they have tuning options but not parts.

Not a big mistake at all.

bumnut3618d ago

it would be nice to be able to buy some parts, even if it was not for every car.

i want a taster of how they have updated the upgrade side of things.

Marcello3618d ago

big mistake if not in GT5 not Pro although i am still a bit dissapointed that i cant get a preview of that for my 2/3 of full game price, roll on 2009 hopefully only exactly 1 year to go till full game :/

jctoyou3618d ago

2/3 of full price game!in the uk this is less than half price of full game

iAmPS33618d ago

Every racing enthusiast will feel more than compelled to buy a PS3 and this game. A masterpiece of all sorts.

The real time settings adjustments are great and it's an out of this world experience to play this game with a Logitech G25 with the shifter and clutch, you really have to practice and know what you are doing in order to pull a nice drift.

I hope all of your racing enthusiasts like me are also enjoying this wonderful "prequel" to Gran Turismo 5