Nintendo World Report details Wii Ware service

Steven Rodriguez writes for NWR:
"WiiWare is live in Japan, and with it comes a brand-new slate of downloadable games. In order to facilitate this, the Wii required a system update to enable the WiiWare area in the Wii Shop Channel. You may have already updated your Wii console with the update, which after WiiWare eventually launches in Western territories, will make your Wii Shop Channel main menu look like this:"

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RealityCheck3676d ago

Looks like it has potential. I wonder if you'll be able to try a game demo before buying it?

Kyrue3676d ago

Nintendo won't let us do that, because nobody will buy the stupid games they've released. there are 2 games that are possibly worth downloading, and even then it looks sketchy.

ItsDubC3676d ago

Nintendo is not the only one releasing games on WiiWare, and it's not like there won't be more games coming in the future.

Monteblanco3676d ago

Nintendo says they don't require demos, which probably means that they don't forbid but also don't encourage them.