Let's Make It Clear: What Microsoft Is Trying To Do

Hello this is the ‘The Stylish Jerk”, the official unofficial spokesman for Microsoft. Not to long ago there was an article on Microsoft claiming that they need to do a better job explaining their goals for Xbox One. Well, I am here to help to make things crystal clear. Here are a list of “possible scenarios” that Microsoft is trying to do with Xbox One.

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Gaming1011650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Microsoft doesn't want to make it clear, if they did the gaming media would crucify them. Instead, they dodge questions, throw out pre-written canned answers for every question, it's all about keeping it cloudy.

Microsoft has kept it cloudier than a Lance Armstrong urine sample lol

The answers keep changing, the facts keep changing, and Sony is having fun just sitting back watching Microsoft put their fut in their mouths, only to take a few jabs at their foot pushing it down their throats even further lol

Sony has learned not to piss off the self-entitled gaming public. If you thought gamers went nuts having to pay a measly 100 bucks extra for the top of the line console from Sony back in 2006, wait till they can't sell their games, can't take a game to a friend's house without completely selling the "license" to play that game to their friend, having a cut taken by Microsoft in the whole used games market, Microsoft has an up hill battle.

CynicalKelly1649d ago

You don't have to sell them the license to play your games at his house. You can connect to your profile online and stream any game from your game library.

They are making a load of mistakes and doing a lot of stupid things. But let's keep the misinformation to a low please.

stuna11650d ago

See that's the thing! Take a muddy puddle for example! Once the durt settles to the bottom, the puddle looks clear! But you still have a muddy puddle, because once someone steps in it the mud just come back to the top.

And Microsoft is covered in mud! It might even settle, but if they don't change direction clean up the mess they're making, they'll always come out muddy.

Agent_00_Revan1650d ago

Lol article. Really liked the Kinect/pizza scene.

iliimaster1650d ago

mannn if they can get verizons phone calls texts video etc just imagine that required always on kinnect cam

gamertk4211650d ago

Waste of two minutes. Use a grammar checker, too.

Hicken1649d ago

Waste because it's not in support of anti-consumer practices?

Well, when you put it THAT way...

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The story is too old to be commented.