Vita “sinking,” don’t expect news on Xbox One or PS4 pricing, used game policies at E3 – analyst

VG247:Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz has said in an investor’s note not to expect either Microsoft or Sony to discuss used games policies for each respective console during E3 next week.

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DJMarty1990d ago

I'm sure the incoming vita price drop & integration with PS4 will be enuff to spark a spike in sales. look what happened in Japan after the Vita price drop.

GameCents1990d ago

It is now back to selling just above 10k per week in Japan however. They need to do something that will sustain sales more long term.
Don't ask me what, I do not have the answers.

Conzul1990d ago

They could sell the damn thing in the U.S. if they just unlocked it from AT&T.

knifefight1990d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you. It has sold fewer than 13,000 units for 4 straight weeks now.

Week of May 26 - http://www.playstationlifes...
Quote: "Now, however, we’ve just seen three straight weeks with the Vita unable to clear even 13,000 units."

And then this happened, Week of June 2 - http://www.playstationlifes...

Guys, he put a number on it and said "it's selling about this much." It's not an opinion, it's a factual statement. The charts are right there.

IcyEyes1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Analyst are the "Krusty" of the biz.

They are really funny :)

ABizzel11990d ago

I keep saying the Vita's year is 2014. This year is all about the PS4 and PS3's farewell (once again I'm not saying no more PS3 support, just significantly more PS4 support).

The PS3 is likely to get a price drop this year to bring in money for the PS division along with The Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, GT6 and a bunch of other games, so it makes sense to drop the PS3 instead of the Vita and have them compete with one another.

2014 is the year for the Vita.

PS4 > PS3's graceful exit > PSVita

PS Vita = PS4 > PS3

kraideral1990d ago

Sinking? The VITA is getting tons of games every day and wait till E3 cause Sony got something very very cool planned for it!

-Mika-1990d ago

I agree. The vita is my most played handheld so far. I don't know why everyone is so negative about.

kraideral1990d ago

Haters gonna hate, what can we do...

bass4g1990d ago

It's a good handheld it's just that right now in terms of amount of games and price (especially now that loads of games have been released recently for the 3ds) the 3ds seems like a better purchase. The vita will pick up eventually though. I mean the original psp didn't do as horribly as people like to pretend it did and that was against the ds.

dumahim1990d ago

Tons of games every day, huh?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31990d ago

Lol, these folks are in lala land...

Salooh1990d ago

He's over reacting. But he have some truth. Every while(Almost every week) we hear another game coming to the vita. But these games are not for hardcore. Developers are not serious about the vita.

DarkHeroZX1990d ago

If the Vita is sinking then the Wii U is dead. Seriously both consoles are going to get some great games which will boost sales.

AutoCad1990d ago

flop more than the heat.

Gr811990d ago

That's the info many are waiting for. At least for things to be cleared up. Other than Vita Sinking, the other sinking feeling I have is that neither console maker wants to make clear their plans for DRM, used games fees or online passes. Or even prices on their consoles.

What is the whole secretive vagueness all about? It all feels disingenuous to me.

ExPresident1990d ago

You mean the vagueness where Microsoft has given multiple answers to the same question or the vagueness where Sony said the PS4 can be played off line, without an internet connection and that DRM is up to the publishers?

One is clear, the other isn't.

PrimeGrime1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Always amazes me people disagreeing with pure facts.. I really can't get over that.

Do people really need to post links of Mark Cerny actually confirming this along with Sony's president? I am sorry but these links have been posted so many times and even articles made of them on N4G.

I am for sure as hell not wasting my time because some are so misinformed.

MRMagoo1231990d ago

I know its pretty stupid , how much clearer can sony be , but then ppl try to stick them in the same boat as M$ which is not the case at all.

Sony have said they arent making games have DRM , they have said you can play offline and never have to log on ever, they have also said you can play your games at a friends house without worrying about fees

On the other hand M$ have done nothing but be vague and dodge questions.

OT i really hope sony announce the console prices i need to know how much more i have to put down on my preorder.

RandomDude6551990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

PS4 will have a price announcement because it will be cheaper than the xbone.

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