Square Enix Reveals E3 Line-Up: Next-Generation Final Fantasy Teased

Following the announcement of an official release date for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII this morning, Square Enix has revealed the other titles they will be showcasing at next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Lon Angeles. The company’s portfolio features new videogames from signature franchises, a re-imagined classic along with compelling new properties.

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Tatsuya 2022d ago

I'll be looking out for that next-generation Final Fantasy. Don't let me down again Square!

hay2022d ago

I so damn hope this won't be another 'preeshe bee eccshited', fully CGI trailer of FF13 Versus barely renamed and pushed back a generation.

guitarded772021d ago

Don't get your hopes up. I have the lowest expectation possible with Square... that way anything they announce doesn't send me into a rage. They could announce FF X-2-2 and I'd me like "yeah, that seems about right".

Tatsuya 2021d ago

fuk no, if they bring any of that CGI shit at E3. I'm going to burn their fukin playground down!

doi2022d ago

I'm also very optimistic that Square would deliver.


Aghashie2021d ago

YES! Just what I was thinking! When comes to SE, I only can think about Kingdom Hearts, Versus, Type-0 and LOK. Let's pray so the gaming gods deliver such a marvelous game uppon us.

My hype-o-metter will brake if they announce a new Legacy of Kain @ E3.

I though the game was completely forgotten. But after reading ur comment I feel like there is still hope. Bubbles for you. Well said.

waltercross2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Or a New Star Ocean!

EDIT: Or one of my Fav of all times, Secret of Mana! and Chrono Trigger!

HarryMasonHerpderp2022d ago

A new gen and a new start.
Let's turn this around Square!

OniAsura2021d ago

You mean Square Enix the Square we know is long dead.

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jimbobwahey2022d ago

I don't know why anyone would care about a new Final Fantasy when the series has been rubbish for a very long time now.

bicfitness2022d ago

I really loved XII. New battle system - semi-MMOish - tonnes of sidequests, non-linear, ADULT (political, nuanced) story. Then they jumped the fucking shark with XIII, and continued to ride that dead horse for the course of a generation.

I won't be touching Lightning Returns unless its on sale for $10 and an impulse buy. I'll give SE one more shot for next-gen before writing off the series entirely though.

bobtheimpaler2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I feel exactly the same way. After playing FFX which was just so awful I really wanted to punch Tidus. I couldn't even finish it's so bad...Honestly, that's when I just gave up on FF and square. Didn't bother picking up xii and xiii was also awful with it's annoying characters and a redundant plot that just caves in on itself at the end. Played xiii-2 and didn't care for it.

Anyway, after watching some ffxii gameplay, I just had to order it. Put it in my PS2 and I just play it for hours at a time. There's so much to do and you can go anywhere. I love the fresh combat system, it would be nice if they added elements of vagrant story as well. You also get complete control over your characters even when setting up gambits. I love the level up system and the characters and story don't make me want to rip my hair out. As you said, it's mature and nuanced. I also really love the art and how they rendered series staples such as Chocobos and moogles. I hope they do something like it again. Very good RPG imo.

araman2021d ago

I think Yoichi Wada is just as much to blame.

trenso12022d ago

clearly you havent played type-0

JoySticksFTW2021d ago

Or FF Crisis Core for PSP

Zack's character is AMAZING in that game. It's like Cloud who?

MuhammadJA2021d ago

Because delusional fanboys will always be delusional no matter how much junk you throw at them.

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Mr_Nuts2022d ago

Imagine if Versus has become next gen, a whole gen of horrible FF games would be hard to forget.

"Hey remember FF13 and that b**** Lightning"

"FINAL FANTASY, whats that, never heard of it in my life"

Ha, it's funny since they say 13 usually brings bad luck.

Nitrowolf22022d ago

come E3 2013 they'll announce FF13 Vs or 15 if they renamed it.

Come E3 2021 they'll announce it again for PS5

Mr_Nuts2022d ago

Lol, probably

I just want to see it released, I'm sick of Lightning being shoved down our throats when the character is horrible. I feel she's only popular with mostly female gamers because they see her as a "strong", pretty female character.

We need Noctis to shine, he better have some great character development. Like Squalls off FF8, his development through the entire game was amazing to watch

noctis_lumia2021d ago

they will announce something for ps4...they say it at ps4 event so maybe its versus...even if not its a sony ff exclusive

AznGaara2022d ago

Can we please get FFvs13.

mrmancs2022d ago

Ps4 exclusive , I've heard.....

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