PS4 o’clock – our E3 expectations for Sony & PlayStation 4

OPM: This week on PS4 o’clock I’m chatting to dep ed Joel about E3. What do we think we’ll see in terms of games hardware and reveals from Sony and all the other big names.

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supremacy1988d ago

Monday cant come sooner

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I expect great new games, features, and a sexy looking console to top it off.

Oh and no drm :)

Fil1011988d ago

Total domination, nuff said.

3-4-51988d ago

ehh not total but they have already impressed me, and this is coming from somebody who hates the Dual shock controller and never owned a Playstation.

I'm confident Sony understands where they want to go and be during this next gen.

Nintendo is going to gain a ton of hype at E3 because of about 5-7 different games.

Microsoft - I don't think they can screw up Fifa 14..well that is EA, but still Fifa + Forza 5 is an awesome combo. They need more than that plus "nobody going to watch" halo tv as well.

Hazmat131988d ago

can not wait for E3 this year will be BIG! i know they say that every year but with next gen just right at our doors is gonna be winner take all. me being a playstation at heart and i will admit no matter what i probably still get X1. titles like KZSF, watch dogs, destiny and way more i can not wait. Gamers Unite!

Brazz1988d ago

My expectation is sony taking the oposite route of MS!
Sony and MS whit the same polictic in DRM, online, used games is a dark age for gamers! Shit! If Sony get the MS route Nintendo will be the only hope for this market, the only one that put gaming and simplicity at top! Gaming need be simple, fun and fair! Not full o rules, restriction and fucking fees for preowned content!

Ozmoses1988d ago

Monday.. 6pm EST.. last time slot for E3...

going out with a bang!

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