Wii U 'struggling mightily' says analyst

By Eddie Makuch

Cowen & Company analyst believes Nintendo may announce "badly needed" price cut at E3, says gamers should not expect PS4, Xbox One pricing info or used game details at trade show.

The Wii U is "struggling mightily," according to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz.

In a note to investors today concerning next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, the industry analyst said the system has come up short during its first seven months on the market, but noted a "badly needed" price cut and key titles could help turn things around.

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IanVanCheese1965d ago

Wii U used struggle...Wii U is damaged by recoil.

dedicatedtogamers1965d ago

Haha nice.

The Wii-U is struggling...bad. It really needs a shot in the arm and I hope Nintendo is willing to put int the effort to make it a success (like how they turned around the 3DS).

However, Vita is also struggling, and we haven't even had the two most-expensive consoles on the market yet. I'm fearful that these struggles are a sign of something bigger, not just "lol! Wii-U? More like Pii-U amirite?!?!"

solidworm1965d ago

Did anyone not see this coming. Non gamers only buy one console, get bored then go back to their life's. Ninty got lucky with the Wii. Lightening dont strike twice!

PerryCaravello1965d ago

Of coarse lol.

Any normal person could have seen this debacle coming. The company is in the process of dying on the vine.

Firan1965d ago

I'll buy one eventually. It just needs more games. Price cut would help too. Combination of these 2 made 3DS sales skyrocket and I'm pretty sure it would help Wii U get more attention.

josephayal1965d ago

The Wii U isn't going to fail, but the Wii U is doing very bad

SpiralTear1965d ago

Price cut would help, yeah, especially if the PS4 and Xbox One have pretty competitive price points.

Either way, I'm pretty tired of seeing every single article published by that Eddie Makuch guy on Gamespot involve the Wii U and how it's "not selling" or "losing third-party support."

Seriously: it's always the same guy.

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