E3 2013 Press Conference and Streaming Schedule

With pre-E3 events set to officially begin tomorrow, we’ve put together a schedule of conferences and streams to be prepared for. The upcoming week is going to be a big one, so it’s best to know what’s coming your way

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vishmarx1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

everything is soooo awesome something interesting from every dev
even nintendo's x
lol look at everything else though
mario,mario kart,yoshi island ,donkey kong metroid,zelda...
they are such a breath of fresh air
5 games from mario universe and metroid zelda...

on a serious note best list in ages

AliTheSnake11931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

YEAH, It's That time of the year. E3

Sandmano1931d ago

The biggest e3 in YEARS!

MRMagoo1231931d ago

Lmao xbone will be lucky to not get booed of the stage.

Azrabain1930d ago

PS4 for the Win followed by Nintendo Xboxnone for last place sorry dont cry now LOL!

SolidStoner1931d ago

I hear this every year!! :D Ok, lets go...... still waiting...

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The story is too old to be commented.