Xbox One Used Games Fee: "No One's Complaining About Not Being Able to Trade iOS Games"

"But how big of a deal is it really, forgetting that most retailers like GameStop who thrive on second hand game sales will be affected? Speaking to Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios Linus Blomberg, we asked where the developer stands regarding Microsoft's tactics and the issue of second games overall."

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Donnieboi1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Games on phones cost like $5 or less on average. Stop making BS comparisons.

Hellsvacancy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Lol, the author must of read Rashids comment earlier and decided to make an article out of it

Edit: Ooops, just noticed the same dude posted this, maybe he is the author

JhawkFootball061989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

This title should be edited. Microsoft did not say this, it was in fact Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios Linus Blomberg.

aCasualGamer1989d ago

Console games = $59

Games on phones/tablets = $5-$10

Console games are 600% more expensive

That's why we complain over console games, besides, mobile games are meant to be more personal as the device itself is meant for personal use (i.e. your number is linked to the phone). But consoles are meant for several people to enjoy and use. What if my brother moves out, and buys an Xbox One. Shouldn't he be able to play the games i borrow him?

Gamesgbkiller1989d ago


I was going to see that too.


OMD... WTF is wrong with people....

seriously these are the lengths people are ready to go to in defense of this crap.

Why am I not bothered about used games on mobile, because the games are less then a fiver.

why am i not bothered about lending games to a friend on mobile, because they are that cheap that he would not bother asking for them.

NewMonday1989d ago

* you can link your iOS purchases to 5 devices
* if the games cost under $25the I could be fine with that.

silenius1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Did he seriously compared a 0.99£ game with a 50£ game???....

hay1989d ago

Fantastic article! XbO is now safely defended because hurr durr.

DragonKnight1989d ago

I read that quote and the first thing that came to my mind was this image...

That has to be the most retarded comparison I've ever heard. No, that's an insult to the mentally handicapped because even they would be like "are you f***ing serious?" How someone that moronic got to be the co-founder/CTO of a game studio is beyond anyone's ken. Wow. Just wow.

Mr_Writer851989d ago

To be honest I'm not a fan of MS, but he does have a point.

People on here saying 'but they cost less then $5. Although a very good and valid point remember an awful lot of these 'games' require more and more money to get further.

Now again console games have DLC, which can add but it's optional. And yes so is the paid stuff on iOS games but when you stop playing you get 0 back.

With a console game you don't get any of the price of DLC back but you can trade in the disc to make something back.

Dee_911989d ago

The price doesnt even matter its the fact he's comparing a digitally downloaded games to an actual hard copy of a game...

jadenkorri1988d ago

bring ps3/4/360/one games down to 9.99, hell even 19.99 and I'll sing a different tune when it comes to pre-owned games.... just for thought, thou, I should be able to lend my friend a game and he should be able to play the full functionality of the product.

SilentNegotiator1988d ago

What's with Avalanche Studios acting like "Adam Orth Studios" lately?

minimur121988d ago

what about steam games?

inveni01988d ago

No one complains about not being able to trade or sell DIGITAL items. Game disks are physical. If you can't sell or trade them, then they will be the very first physical items EVER that you can't trade or sell after purchase. There is a large distinction there that Microsoft is apparently blinded to.

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RedHawkX1989d ago

yep i got gta 3 for 2.99. angry birds and plants vs zombies and such for 1 dollar or 2. most games are under 5 and many games are free. you can probably get like 40+ awesome iphone games for like 59 dollars or less.

Mr_Writer851989d ago

When you get GTA5 running on a iPhone 5/ iPad for £2.99 then we will talk.

HammadTheBeast1989d ago

And remember, you can transfer those to 5 different devices.

Without a fee.

Krew_921989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


AND if you ever wish to stop sharing you can reset your activation's yearly.

There are so many things wrong with this concept.

Most iOS games are nothing close to the quality of console games. iOS games are so much more cheaper than console games. Even PSP/PS Vita minis cost more than the average iOS game.

On Android most of the games are free, but with Ads. When Angry Birds came out on Android it was free, while it was still 99 cents on iOS. I don't know if that has changed though.

These apologetic articles are beginning to stink up N4G.

Edit: Plus I forgot to mention, on Android, Amazon's Free App of the Day program. They give free apps daily. Although they're mostly junk, I've gotten some gems from the program.

Here are a few:
-Plants Vs Zombies $2.99 value
-Age of Zombies $1 value
-Bejeweled 2 $2.99 value
-Burn the Rope+ $2.99 value
-Cartoon Defense $1 value
-Convertr $1.99 value
-Cut the Rope $1 value
-Doodle Jump Christmas Special $1 value
-Eve of Genesis $7.99 value

And much, much more (I have about 155 downloaded apps on my Amazon app, most are FAotD)

If they want to make that argument I expect a free game every day from them. Not going to happen because $60 > $1...

bganci1989d ago

This guy is very Naive. Exactly what this person said ^^^

Oh_Yeah1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

That's what I'm saying, if they make all games 20-30$ new I don't think people would have much of a problem with no used games. They'd probably sell more/ make more profit like that, cut out cases, manuals, distribution costs, lost sales due to used games...offer them all digital 20-30 bucks and they'd be in the money and gamers would be able to afford more games. It's a win win compromise.


Thats another thing...

If going digital meant that the price would come down then maybe that could be argued as being a benefit. I mean look at the cost of steam games. You would think as they push for everything being digital we would see that in effect... but NO, Not with MS.

Look at the cost of some of the really old games that are on xbox live now and how much they are, then look at the the same games in the shops.

And people want MS to fully control this... stupid !

lizard812881989d ago

Speaking of Steam, despite that being digital only, you can trade some games to your friends or sell them via paypal, or whatever on steam. I'm pretty sure the Xbone won't be having none of that.

Also Jim Sterling said the same thing about digital and how it should be cheaper, but when EA launched Origins, the games still cost full retail price. A price drop isn't expected now, despite them cutting costs.

rela82me1988d ago

I would love for the price drop, and as of now it does look like you can lend and give to friends, and they did confirm they will support the resale of the games. But with this "possible" fee, the consumer will get less money for the games and pay for their fees for the next used game.

princejb1341989d ago

I spend $1 on field runners and $1 on where's my water
I been so spoiled with mobile games anything with over $1 I refuse to buy till they price drop

T21989d ago

Ive never paid for an android game ever ...." But, but, but THEY do it , why cant we" said the greedy corporate shill .... Just try it and see how fast your system gets jailbreak

dumahim1989d ago

I don't think I've seen people buy iOS games at the store and bring home a case with a disc either.

indysurfn1989d ago

such a stupid comparison. Two different things. You dont own a physical game with IOS. Your not paying the price of a physical game. Also you would not bother selling a game you paid $1 for! Even if you could get $1 for it. Dont believe me? See the stat that says 90% of all rebates that are under 10$ go unclaimed! Plus if I get a game say from Amazon prime for $1.99 I can not only sell it but I can have the person install it on there computer while it is still on mine!

DiRtY1989d ago

If iOS games are way too cheap, take steam games then.

Christopher1989d ago

There is one problem here, and I'm not sure that publishers get it.

The people who buy iOS games, for the most part, are not the same people who would buy a console game. And if they want to convert monetizers into the world of consoles, they will likely fail in the long run and run off console gamers to the PC world.

Now, if they are aiming to move this towards the PC community of gamers, where most purchases can be done on sites like Steam, GMG, GOG, and the like, that would be better. But, in doing so, they would have to have the sales that Steam and similar sites have. They would have to have the community support. It would have to be vastly different than what we have now.

Example: I paid $40 for Bioshock: Infinite brand new on PC. That's $20 less than what I would have paid on console. That was on day one. By December, I can get that game for $10, easily. But, I still have to pay $15 for the God of War HD remake on the PS Store. And the price for it only went down a little if I was a PS+ member.

With that type of hardline pricing of games for so long (or with other limitations), you're not going to create the market that gamers want and will utilize.

Either keep console gaming the way it is with a used system of trading in games and using actual quality content and the like to get people to buy the games, or move towards more of the Steam method of digital content delivery rather than the hardline priced items we have now.

Donnieboi1989d ago

Spot-on. Steam barters with/makes deals to get great games to be at very affordable prices. Games being at a rigid $60 is too demanding of a cost, if they also expect us to willingly do away with our right to sell our previously played games.

Pro Racer1989d ago

What a ridiculous comparison. Do iOS games cost over $60?

LocutusEstBorg1988d ago

PC games cost $60 or $50 and every PC games is a proud owner of every game in his Steam account.

Pro Racer1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Trust me I know, I'm a PC gamer too. The great thing about Steam is all the sales, something you won't find at GameStop, at least not to the same extent. Games go on sale for 50% off and 75% off frequently after only a couple of years. It's common to find games for less than $10, ranging to even $3
(not talking about arcade games).

I have hundreds of dollars worth of games on my Steam account but I rarely buy PC games for full price on release.

IMO a digital download should be cheaper than a disc-based game. I still value having a physical copy and prefer it, even in this digital age.

LocutusEstBorg1988d ago

No one's complaining about not being able to trade PC games.

Gamer19821988d ago

Exactly its the same damn reason nobody complains about not being able to trade STEAM games as we pay £25-£30 for a PC digital version compared to a £40-£60 console version. What extra incentive are we gonna get next generation to pay that premium?

madpuppy1988d ago

I was just gonna' say that!

no problem, drop all the 60.00 and up games to around 5.00 or less and there you go, problem solved :)

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nick3091989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Theres a huge difference between digital games and physical, you cant trade any digital stuff since forever. That includes all consoles and pcs. How could you possibly trade a digital game? It not like you touched it before , its the same as bought.

Donnieboi1989d ago

Microsoft is applying this to all disc games as well as digital. No more excuses.

This is a straight up robbery. I will never buy another xbox product again. MS is too greasy.

nick3091989d ago

You never could trade digital games anyway

ginsunuva1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Software can have restrictions. That's why almost every piece of software today is tied to an account, because they're digital downloads and you cant trade them.

Games are the same: they're applications. They only came on discs because their download sizes were usually too large, but not too much anymore.

When you get a physical game, you're getting digital game on a physical disc, only for those who wish not to download. Nothing else.

You are free to sell the disc. But the software on it has restrictions. Try selling your Windows OS installation discs.

I'm not promoting drm, but I'm saying it's not violating anything.

mcstorm1989d ago

@ginsunuva I was about to say the same thing. Its the same with Office, OSX and more.

For me its not an issue of not being able to buy used games as I never buy them I always buy new games but I will often sell my old version of Fifa ect on Amazon as I will not play the older version any more. It now means we will have more games around the home if we cant sell them.

I do see it as a - point for kids though as they would often use there old games like the last cod ect to help them get the new version of the game.

For me if we are going to be able to sell on the game them they should at least help people in other ways to buy new games by making the price lower or if you own a games like MW1 you can download MW2 for a lower price than owning the new disk because I do see if affecting sales of some games.

Donnieboi1989d ago

U said: "You never could trade digital games anyway".

So what? No one is complaining about that. Your original comment above is all about digital, but an even bigger problem is that it is being applied to PHYSICAL games. So I don't know what point your trying to make by stating the obvious when it comes to how game companies have been treating or rights (or lack there-of) to trade digital games.

Just because we can't trade digital games, doesn't mean it should be applied to physical.

And YES, I know your point is that iOS games are digital and non trade-able. But no one complains because they are cheap. Ps3 and 360 might have non trade-able DIGITAL games too, but they are $60, take too long to download, use up a lot of HDD space, and for ALL of those reasons, are why digital games (of the $60 price point) will never sell better than disc based games. Ever. Plus the $60 digital game will NEVER sell even a fraction of the amount of copies as a low risk $5 game on a mobile phone.

So trust me, the appeal of phone games is the low price, not because people are too lazy to get up and change the disc in their consoles. There is no major benefit to digital games ON CONSOLES except for the minor convenience of not having to get up off of your butt to change a disc. But the negatives/cons of $60 digital games outweigh that ONE positive, thus the reason why $60 digital console games will never outsell physical game copies, nor can it hold a candle to low risk $5 digital game sales.


nick3091989d ago

I was refering to digital, the whole point of this article. Physical drm is dumb, well the way its tied to only 1'console is weird.

sdozzo1989d ago

Gmg Allows Digital Trade.

Gamer19821988d ago

There is but people have to realise theres a huge reason why games on STEAM are so damn cheap and thats because people cannot do things like trade them in and borrow them. STEAM is an amazing platform but thanks to digital being so restrictive games are a lot cheaper. Are games gonna be cheaper because they are going to be restrictive on next gen consoles? NO. Hell they might even try to be cheeky and make them more expensive!
Devs moan and whine all the time about them losing money but what about the people who actually pay for the games? They are hurting there market and its gonna damage it long term if something snot done soon. They already hurt consumers last gen with on disc DLC etc.. devs have a lot of making upto do and lower price games to make up for trading at least would be a step towards gaping that bridge I mean why do you think people trade in, in the first place?? CHEAPER GAMES!

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Wizziokid1989d ago

"No One's Complaining About Not Being Able to Trade iOS Games"

Because they are like £2

Simon_Brezhnev1989d ago

Just wants to find another way to defend Microsoft. It's getting pretty pathetic.

vishmarx1989d ago

so that means xbone games are gonna be $1-5

CaEsAr-1989d ago

Who in the world would trade a 0.99$ game? Never go full retard.