Xbox One Controller Can Be Plugged In Via USB To Save Power

Eurogamer: ''The Xbox One controller can be plugged in via a mini USB cable to preserve battery life, Microsoft has revealed.''

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majiebeast2021d ago

So like the ps3 controller?

Snookies122021d ago

Really disagrees? That is exactly like the PS3 controller. It's a mini USB cable.

Although I'm unsure why they're saying it "preserves" battery life... Does that mean you still need batteries or something? If so, that'll be lame.

SilentNegotiator2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

It's confirmed that it uses AA batteries. Lame.

For charging not-included $5-10 battery packs, I'm sure.

BattleTorn2021d ago

I believe I watched a hardware breakdown video that said the mini-USB on Xbox One controller was there for charging, but that it still took AA batteries.

I'm confused.

IcicleTrepan2021d ago

It's probably because if you have normal batteries inside, it can't charge them (they will explode if you try), so it uses USB power instead of battery power if it's plugged in.

The controller is probably smart enough to know the difference between regular batteries and the official MS charge pack, and will charge that when the USB is plugged in as well.

shoddy2021d ago

Playing catch up.

Finally catching up to bluray

JokesOnYou2021d ago

"Another improvement is the controller's new low power state, a battery-conserving mode that won't require you to re-sync your pad every time you leave it to become idle."

We're learning more about X1 and this is actually good news but of course you sony folks complain about everything xbox, Do you ever get tired? Its OK I promise you your ps4 will work fine without a X1 beside it. lol

Hicken2021d ago

Yes, we're learning things about the XBOne... does ANY of it negate the very large negative issues? Will the games you guys are hoping for at E3 stop Kinect from being mandatory? WIll they prevent your system from needed to be connected to the internet?

And hell, this apparently doesn't even charge the batteries, though it's nice that it does SOMETHING.

No, us "Sony folks" don't complain about everything Xbox. Just the things worth complaining about. Meanwhile, you complain about nothing, as if the damn thing is perfect.

MikeMyers2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


"No, us "Sony folks" don't complain about everything Xbox. Just the things worth complaining about. Meanwhile, you complain about nothing, as if the damn thing is perfect."

The difference is you rarely if ever said anything good about the Xbox 360 so why would we expect anything different? There comes a time where people such as yourself need to simply move on to greener pastures and if Sony is providing you with everything you need why do you keep wasting your time conflicting with others in Xbox related articles? If all you can come up with are things to complain about then they will never satisfy you.

If I hate rap music I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to mix in the forums with those who like rap music and tell everyone how the music sucks and how I prefer rock or country. The only people who would do that are those craving attention and are trying to master the art of trolling.

Talk about the Xbox One controller, tell us what you like and don't like about it. That's what this topic is about, not personal issues and baggage you've been carrying around for years trying to offload to others who aren't interested.

Everything about the controller looks to be improved but I don't know why it doesn't have a rechargeable battery pack other than to keep costs down (or does it have one?). Those new triggers look to be a killer feature in Forza 5.

JokesOnYou2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Awwww Hicken, Hicken, Hicken I know its a waist of time 'cause you have tunnel see I dont think X1 is perfect or ps4 for the record but heres YOUR PROBLEM where you see a negative I see something cool, ease of use, convenience sure it may not be for everybody but why in the hell would I complain about things that I actually like or dont mind for ex. always on 24hr check, controller charging, kinect, media/tv intergration, these are are things that I think are going to make MY experience better in the long run, as for used game drm, No I hate it, I spoke out, Ive sent negative emails almost daily on xbox live, Ive put negative feedback on forums, Ive participated in the no drm xbox twitter campaign but what im not going to do is let you or others like you on n4g dictate to me whats good for me.

You see I'm not some self conscious little kid who needs approval from other people to validate my choices, as you seem to demonstrate by constantly following what you hate so much. I buy what I want, when I want it and I dont care much what ps4 does cause Im not too interested and I'm sure it will do just fine without me, I'll probably buy one later but either way there is no insult that could persuade me otherwise. I play on xbox live alot and I've built alot of great friendships game, I love xbl and psn is just a lesser experience imo. Sure micro could f up by adding some ridiculous pricing, strategy, policy, no games I want and I'd quit xbox gaming, choose other offerings but make no mistake I'll never make that decision based on anything YOU say.

Truth is you are fighting a losing fictional war 'cause most xbox and ps fans for the record are NOT going to listen to fanboys on the internet. Ultimately your hatred is irrevelant and amounts to nothing more than a bunch of like minded individuals hugging each other for reassurance...while those of a different opinion laugh at you if they even bother to read your BS this time.

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abzdine2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

lol yes like PS3 back in 2006. Well done Microsoft.

this reminds me of the fish next gen tech at their new VCR reveal:

@SilentNegotiator: why is that? i'm telling what it is!

SilentNegotiator2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

You're really trying a little too hard there, buddy.

It isn't like the Ps3 in 2006, that's why. In fact, it's worse; it still uses AA batteries. You could have gotten a REAL burn in if you had read.

Convas2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Did you even read the article? DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE?

So quick to rush in and spout your crap anywhere just so you can be heard.

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

You mean the charging usb chord that came with the PS3 which was like two feet? I still dont understand why the hell they made it so short. I got to be basically dry humping the console to play the game if the battery is low. Make them 6-10 feet, people want to sit on the couch and play while charging.

Hellsvacancy2021d ago

I must be dumb, how do you charge your 360 controller? is it not done by USB?

Mac is OK2021d ago

You don't recharge the 360 controller, you just change the batteries. Or you can buy rechargeable batteries and recharge them on the side.

badz1492021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

you change the batteries at the back.

EDIT: late reply lol

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

Or you get the play and charge and it basically acts like the PS3 charging style.

Mac is OK2021d ago

Yes, except that connecting it doesn't charge the batteries.
It means that now there won't be two versions of the controller (wired and wireless). It's a step foward, although I still would rather not have to deal with AA batteries.

isarai2021d ago

Except it still uses AA batteries

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TurboGamer2021d ago

I dont even know how to respond to this.

Minato-Namikaze2021d ago

I guess any news not focusing on the horrible reveal, or DRM, or Always on, or over heating issues, or downclocking the GPU, or if cloud computing is actually feasible, or what the actual specs are is good news for MS at this point, lol.

creatchee2021d ago

Way to bring all of that stuff up. Nobody had yet in this thread and it's really relative to the controller.

DOMination-2021d ago

When there is positive news like Respawns new game being revealed as an Xbox exclusive, all the articles are suddenly pulled from N4G and every time someone tries to submit it again, it gets failed.

peowpeow2021d ago

Sounds kind of desperate.. please stop..

Mr_Nuts2021d ago

But you would still need batteries....right?

FITgamer2021d ago

Yes, but when the controller is plugged in its using power from the console too which extends battery life.

SpinalRemains2021d ago

Why didn't they just make a dam battery pack standard then?

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

I honestly prefer the double AA's. I use to hate them and rocked a play and charge but after a year or so the life of the battery diminished so quickly after charged. I am not a big fan of rechargable batteries. Amazon usually sells them in bulk for hardly anything and you always get long life on them. It would be nice if they had wireless charging on these consoles though.

waltercross2020d ago

You're the first person who said They prefer Batteries over a Built in Rechargeable battery like the DS3/DS4 uses. I Prefer built in Rechargeable batteries.

lucaskeller12021d ago

Claims the xbox is all about rocket science technology..

.. uses batteries for remote in 2013

Belking2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

They all use some type of batteries smart N4g fanboys are hilarious.

@ the next 3 below

You guys are not too Batteries are batteries regardless whether it uses rechargeable or replaceable ones. At least when they die in the replaceable ones you can just replace without having to worry about plugging anything in. Plus AA last just as long, and maybe longer than the non replaceable rechargeable ones. Either way you will have to recharge or replace. It's a win-win. Fanboys are so naive and find something negative in anything.

SexyGamerDude2021d ago

He is talking about disposable batteries. It uses AA. Lol Microsoft fanboys are hilarious.

garos822021d ago

yes belking YOU are hilarious

lucaskeller12021d ago

I think the term fanboy is used way too loosely now adays. Infact if anything, your the fanboy for believing that replacing batteries rather than having a rechargable usb cable is better simply because your an xbox fanboy (for whatever reason I can't think of).

SexyGamerDude2021d ago

You are seriously stupid if you think wasting tons of money buying new batteries is the same as recharging your controller for no extra price. You can't charge AA batteries unless you feel like shelling out 25 dollars for rechargeable one. Either way, it's a waste of money. You don't have to pay money to recharge a controller with a rechargeable battery already there. No, you're the one that's not too bright. You stupid fuck.

LogicStomper2021d ago


"You can't charge AA batteries unless you feel like shelling out 25 dollars for rechargeable one."

What, so is shelling out 25 dollars too expensive when one pair of batteries lasts more than an entire generation of consoles?

I would much rather buy a new pair of rechargable batteries as opposed to buying a new controller when the batteries don't recharge anymore.

Also, you know why the Nexus 4 isn't as good as the Galaxy S 3 regarding the battery? It's because the battery can't be removed, so when the phone battery dies, the phone dies.

Looks like it's lights out buddy.

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IcicleTrepan2021d ago

I don't see the problem with using batteries that can be swapped with rechargables/charge pak. At least you can remove them easily when they eventually die.

Belking2021d ago

It's too simple. These fanboys see xbox anywhere in the title and they Rechargeable batteries or a charge pack is just as good as anything else.

JeffGUNZ2021d ago

My Sony Bluray Home Theatre Sound systems remote takes batteries. I still don't know what the deal is with complaining about batteries. The system will cost us about 400-500, the games will be like 60-70, but we're complaining about a box of 60 batteries on amazong for 10 dollars? Come on.