Need for Speed Rivals Details: Uses PS4 Video Upload Feature

We have some new details from Need for Speed: Rivals which is a next-gen racer from EA.

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TacticProductionz1654d ago

And...? Will I buy it? Hmmmm...

LackTrue4K1654d ago

ya, we al know..."you hate the PlayStation/Sony"

KwietStorm1653d ago

Next thing you see on Xbox One: greenpowerz is now playing Need for Speed Rivals

Tatsuya 1653d ago

GTFO man, we don't need your shit here!

wiiuuii1654d ago

so can i race ps4 players or just ps3

Skate-AK1654d ago

Probably only race with people that own the same console.

Agent_hitman1654d ago

No underground 3? EA?.. Fvck off

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