Harmonix praises Xbox One Kinect, 100% adoption "exciting" for studio

Fantasia: Music Evolved developer Harmonix has praised the Xbox One's improved Kinect camera.

Director of communications John Drake said that the improved fidelity and field of view will bring Kinect to a wider audience.

"We are looking to define a new style of motion gaming inside music gaming, and I think with Xbox One and the fidelity of that camera, it would be accessible to a whole bunch of people who couldn't play Kinect in your living room before," he told Digital Spy.

"Even I, as one of the developers on that platform, my living room's not big enough [for the original Kinect]. But with a new camera, you'll be able to play closer to the TV and things like that."

Drake said having Kinect packaged with every Xbox One is "very exciting for us" because it offers an "100% adoption rate".

"We think it's a really cool platform, we think it has a great set of tech," he said.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yea 100% adoption as in everyone gets it whether they want it or not. /s

xHeavYx1655d ago

As exciting as MS news regarding always online

Agent_00_Revan1655d ago

I will say that it is the one and ONLY positive I see about having the Kinect with every system. As we saw with the original Kinect & Move, they didn't receive the type of support they needed because there we only certain people with them.

MoreRPG1655d ago

I agree thats the only way i see developers take full advantage of kinect and ps move

MikeMyers1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

And everyone gets a Share button on the PS3 and motion tracking on the controller and every Wii U has a gamepad. This way it doesn't fragment your audience like the PS2 did having a hard drive nobody really bothered to support. Or Sixaxis on the dualshock for the PS3. Or soemthing very accurate with lots of potential like the Move controller that had hardly any support. The Wii also came with a motion controller and it was sort of successful was it not?

Did everyone ask for a $600 game console from Sony? If the Xbox One is that high then blame Kinect, otherwise we don't know the price yet. It would be suicide if it's over $500 imo.

HammadTheBeast1655d ago


No one likes kinect though. All the wrong devs are praising MS.

OrangePowerz1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Sixaxis is in every PS3 controller including the DualShock3 and some games use it very well like Flower.

The PS3 cost that much because it had a BluRay drive, you paid the same amount for standalone BR players when the PS3 came out and it was the only one that was future proof and could be updated. BluRay added value, Kinect doesn't add value it's a stupid camera that will not work as advertised.

Mustang300C20121655d ago


Seriously. Yeah when it was in 2006-7 since then it is just a feature that is barely used. Oh to shake your controller. That's about as much it has been used for and barely.

MikeMyers1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"BluRay added value, Kinect doesn't add value it's a stupid camera that will not work as advertised."

Have you tried Kinect 2? Have you played all the games Kinect 2 is used on? You don't know the value because nobody has yet used it or seen what it will all be applied on. The same argument can be made about the Wii U Gamepad. Of course bluray added value but it was also added to the price, How many PC games use bluray? CD added value to the PSOne, DVD added value to the PS2. What did they have in common? A $299 launch price.

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o-Sunny-o1656d ago

Harmonix has fell hard. IMO they lost me with Rock Band 3.

PSVita1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Just wait for Air Guitar Kinect

Rusty5151655d ago

I'm not gonna lie, if I was gonna buy an xbone, I'd probably pick that up if it had a decent soundtrack haha


Harmonix is the only company making solid Kinect games, Dance Central is really fun, I am interested in seeing what this Fantasia game is about

Ron_Danger1655d ago

I read somewhere that once you reach 45% completion, Chris Hanson walks into your room and asks you to take a seat over there...

Mustang300C20121655d ago

I can verify this as a fact. You don't want to know what happens at %100

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