Battlefield Bad Company beta goes live

For those that begged, borrowed, stole, or lucked their way into the beta for Battlefield Bad Company you'll be happy to hear the servers for the game have just gone up and you can now partake in some multiplayer gold rush action. The beta will go on for one full month, ending April 25th.

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sak5003526d ago

Considering im in asia the servers are pretty laggy. But its fun though

mighty_douche3526d ago

Didnt you need to sign up to a site like "fileplanet" or the like to get into the beta?

Thats rediculous if correct, a beta is done to help the developer to improve the quality of their product and also give gamers an early taste of what they can expect from the final built.

It is not there so they can make even more money out of eager gamers!

sak5003526d ago

I dint pay for anything, if u know what i mean.

Captain Tuttle3526d ago

I guess you could have gotten one if you pre-ordered the game from Gamestop but I only know one or two people who got it that way.

predator3526d ago

I still havent recieved my key via email yet and i signed up last night in the last batch

Captain Tuttle3526d ago

I'm a Comcast subscriber so I automatically belong to IGN Founders club or whatever the hell it's called. Anyway when I signed up last night I got my key immediately. No waiting at all.

bumnut3526d ago

and before anyone calls me greedy, 2 of them were for friends that don't have pc's

predator3525d ago

still havent recevied my email with my key, this is complete bull

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The story is too old to be commented.