Wii Land: Bully: Scholarship Edition Review

Wii Land writes: "Making stink bombs, running from authorities, picking fights with jocks, and still having time to go to class...seems like a typical school day, right? Well, for Jimmy Hopkins it is and this time he's got his hands full. In the video game Bully: Scholarship Edition, players get to control Jimmy Hopkins and decide whether or not this delinquent can actually prove everyone wrong and not get expelled from another school.

Bully: Scholarship Edition revolves around Jimmy Hopkins, a delinquent who has been expelled from every school he's been to. His last chance at redemption takes place at the fictional New England boarding school named Bullworth Academy in the town of Bullworth. Here, the player is free to do whatever he or she wants with Jimmy Hopkins and see if they can survive Bullworth Academy without getting busted by the Perfects, the so-called "Security Guards" of the school."

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