David Hayter is still in LA hours before Konami reveal Solid Snake actor

So, we've been trolled and teased by David Hayter but he IS still in LA according to his twitter feed.

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sinncross1990d ago

i think its pretty obvious he is going to be Snake...
im not sure why Kojima or Hayter thought this sneaky campaign would actually work. Just too much presence from Hayter.

Good thing, cause Hayter as Snake is awesome and that is who I want.

nypifisel1990d ago

We don't know for certain yet though. Perhaps Hayter will be the voice of SOLID Snake, but not Big Boss. Who knows, we'll see in less than 2 hours!

Eamon1990d ago

That's if Solid is even in the game which is unlikely.

nypifisel1990d ago

That's true, we just don't know yet!

doi1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Kojima has too many theatrics like in his games but this Hayter situation is very annoying and thankfully it'll be over soon.

BiggCMan1990d ago

How is it annoying? It's just good fun, and everyone is so worked up about it. I appreciate the way Kojima is trying to trick us, it's fun. Like David Jaffe straight up lying about Twisted Metal, and BAM, comes to E3 2010 in a flipping ice cream truck with kick ass music. What's the problem here? Nobody knows how to have fun any more and has to be so critical.

ZombieKiller1990d ago

....agreed. besides when did we become so entitled? just because you can't hear a certain "other man's" voice, would you really deny yourself the absolute mind blowing experience that MGS5 is going to be? screw that, I wouldn't care if he was voiced by mickey fuckin mouse at that point! Kojima hasn't let us down before and if so, life goes on! Its just a game trying to tell an awesome story, Hayter or not.

Been playing this series since Metal Gear Solid 1 and in all honesty even though Hayters voice is definitely snake I don't think Kojima with let us down with another actor. in all honestly i think this is all a joke as Kojima likes to mess with us, but at the same time if a voice actor was chosen to be big boss, other than hater I wouldn't deny myself the experience that is Metal Gear Solid 5

nypifisel1990d ago

It was Kiefer Sutherland.. lol

ZombieKiller1989d ago

yeah and Snake was the main protagonist in MGS2.....

up until I got to the big shell myself. Point being, I wouldnt believe it till I play the final game. How long do you think that E3 presentation took to throw together? Enough time to create a really good joke ....

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vishmarx1990d ago

just little more wait...

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Snake/Big Boss without David Hayter is like the Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Smoey1990d ago

If he isn't Snake they might as well just kill Snake off and start again...

Eamon1990d ago

I don't think Hayter was lying or tricking fans from the beginning.

I think Konami took notice of the negative fan reaction and the subsequent campaign and petitions so they hired him back.

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The story is too old to be commented.