Microsoft to reset Gamerscores of cheaters

Microsoft has revealed today that anyone caught Gamesave Tampering to gain unfair achievements will have their Gamerscore completely wiped out, and knocked all the way back to zero as well as receiving further punishment for the mischievous deeds.

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SL1M DADDY3316d ago

That some even wasted time game saving like that. It's beyond me to see that the achievement system is enough temptation for folks to cheat their way to the top of the list of highest gamer score. Sad...

JsonHenry3316d ago

Am I the ONLY person who does not give a rat's ass about a gamerscore?!

SL1M DADDY3316d ago

The achievements are for those that like to replay games through to gain every bit out of it that they can and IMHO they are not worth some of the dollars we spend on the 360 games. However it is sad to see that people find identity in the score so much so that they have to cheat when in fact cheating in the score makes you no better than those of us with smaller scores. I have 33,000+ and could care less about them. I and my kids play games on my account to have fun, not to show how many points we can earn...

meepmoopmeep3316d ago

it's sad that some people cheat like this. how can they be proud of themselves knowing the points weren't earned but cowardly attained. i have no interest in game scores. but i might try to get trophies ONLY for my favorite games for Home though.

MorganX3316d ago

Kids do crazy things. Of course there's probably one or two adults in there that want to be kids again. Achievements are great and Gamerscore should be a quick numerical representation of you quantitative achievements. That's all it is for everyone I game with. But once you put a score on it, there will be competition, and where there's competition, there will be cheaters. Just ask Bonds and Clemens ;>

wallace10003316d ago

I don't know why people cheat at stupid stuff like achievements and boosting ranks and that kind of thing. Seems like a big waste of time, people should just play the games and enjoy them.

Nevers3315d ago

Virtual Castration for virtual men... hahaha and a scarlet letter to boot. That's too sweet for words.

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Ghoul3316d ago

reset ?

block his entire ability to for archievements, gamerscore and online play

JasonPC360PS3Wii3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

IMO, I think they should shut the modded system down entirely, use the SN to lock out the system. Make modding your console just not worth it, that goes for the PS3 aswell. Let them spend hundreds of dollors on a system that when they boot it up it no longer says "good mourning Dave" but instead just gives you a blinking curser above a middle finger.

BeaArthur3316d ago

Cheating in any form is unacceptable. Personally I don't care if someone boosts their achievement score, if they are that sad and pathetic that is fine with me because that doesn't directly affect me. However if they are will to cheat to get achievements they are probably also willing to cheat during online matches as well. Any cheating should be met with a 6 month suspension and then a life time ban for the console if it happens again.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3316d ago

Oh well, I misspell sh!t in every comment.

Delive3316d ago

I was reading your comment and stopped to think about it for a second. I agree with your point, BUT what happens when said cheater notices that his 360 has been banned from online play? Most likely, he/she will get a new 360. Paying more money for what you already have is punishment added to it.

Now the tricky part. The old banned 360 will be traded in, my guess. Gamestop or whoever will ensure it works, but will not check the online capabilities. Now the trap is set for some unsuspecting person wanting to buy a used 360 and get it home only to find it's banned. FISSION MAILED! They could call MS to have it unbanned and explain the situation, but if they can do that, why couldn't the cheater, making an elaborate story about buying a banned 360.

Like I said, I like your thoughts, but that might be hard to pull off.

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spandexxking3316d ago

damn dirty cheaters! this is what you derserve now if only someone can sort out the hackers on cod4, theres too many.

BLUR1113316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

that's why i stoped playing it, too many of those cheaters deffently alot of them on 360. they should worry alot more over ppl hacking online than this. becuz that ruins the game for other ppl and its bad enough playing people with better connection than you in a match. shlt!

oktobeme3315d ago

I have noticed that too on COD4 also.

Citizen Cook3316d ago

LIVE is a pit of hatred and bile. They can't do anything about that, can they. Millions of underage COD4 player trash talking endlessly. Wha they gonna do about that?

The Xbox 720 Needs to have a retinal scanner or something, a way of stopping youths from playing adult games on LIVE. To ask parents to set restrictions is like asking a fu(king tramp to take a bath.


Nameless3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

It is about time something is being done about the gamers that use other peoples game saves to unlock all of the achievements & Jason nice Independence Day reference

JasonPC360PS3Wii3316d ago

I was quoting 2001 but it was in Independance Day aswell.

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