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.hack//Versus and .hack//The Movie were never released outside of Japan, but domestically, they were bundled on the same blu-ray disc. PlayStation LifeStyle reviews the package, as well as discusses the importability of this game and movie combo.

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knifefight1783d ago

Makes me want a new .hack RPG. Loved the original quardrilogy.

TrendyGamers1783d ago

I'm guessing chances of localization are low.

acharlez1783d ago

I remember .hack!! Haven't played one of those games in so long.

Wedge191783d ago

.hack was and is a great series. Let's hope for a new main game in the story soon! A great and original concept.

Snookies121783d ago

It was too dang confusing for me, didn't know where to start quite honestly lol.

dbjj120881783d ago

.Hack is so packed with nostalgia for me. Watching the show and playing hours of the PS2 series..

Wedge191782d ago

Exactly. Nostalgia is definitely the best way to describe this series. I remember when I very first read about it... back in PSM I think? Long time ago!

1782d ago
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