Diablo® III – Coming September 3 to Xbox 360 & PS3™

On September 3, evil will be reborn on console systems throughout the world with the release of Diablo® III on the PlayStation™ 3 and Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft. That's right, Diablo III will be unleashing hell on both Xbox 360 and PS3™ before summer's end, so lock in your preorders with your local retailer soon.

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DaThreats1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

lol, Diablo made a big deal it was coming to PS3, just to have it released as well on the Xbox 360.

Sharius1420d ago

why? lol, no one expect this game is an exclusive, after all blizzard own by activion

PFFT1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Its a business. Theyll go for the money rather than trying pleasing every little fanboy out there.

ZBlacktt1420d ago

More like Sony had their press conference first. So Blizzard came on down for it.

BattleTorn1420d ago

Correction: Sony and PS fans made a big deal about it.

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tdogchristy901420d ago

My question would be is the game going to be identical on consoles or will one console be lead and thus the prefered platform?

brish1420d ago

My question is who cares that it's coming to consoles?

People who wanted to play D3 probably already played it on the PC.

tdogchristy901420d ago

Well as someone who loved d1 and 2, I didn't have the chance to place d3 for lack of a pc. So while not ideal, d3 on consoles is an alternative for me.

Captain Qwark 91420d ago

no they havent, i will play this game now. i dont play games on my pc, in fact i havent bothered to fix it since it broke a couple years ago. i work 40hrs on a pc, dont want to sit at a desk and computer monitor when i get home and dont care enough to hook it up to my tv either. ill take my consoles anyday

despair1420d ago

I assume it would be easier to port to the 360 as it is the closer one to PC programming but I think they have been working on the PS3 one longer, else they would've announced both platforms from the get go.

Gildarts1420d ago

It was a Sony conference.

They were working on it simultaneously as was hinted before the announcement.

chela1420d ago

better console port incoming!

Tzuno1420d ago

I play the hell out of it on my pc already. I will play it on my 360 just for achievements.

DarthJay1420d ago

That'll be me but I am not paying 60 for it. I'll probably Red Box it...

Skate-AK1420d ago

I'll wait for the PS4 version.

Skate-AK1420d ago

But I am not going to get an Xbox One. Therefore I will wait for the PS4 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.