Nintendo Download for June 6, 2013 (North America)

Spelunker comes to the Wii U Virtual Console, while Yoshi will debut for $0.30 starting June 12.

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Neonridr2021d ago

Trine 2 for $9.99 again. Anyone who doesn't have that game, I highly recommend picking it up for that price.

yugovega2020d ago

spelunker - the original uncharted and still better with better voice acting and hd graphics.

Canary2020d ago

So nothing for the 3DS?


robparko2020d ago

Nothing besides Animal Crossing on Sunday, very lame, I agree.


I assume they are saving the big virtual console titles for e3 because this week is disappointing

robparko2020d ago

I'm not sure they'll do that. It looks like Nintendo is re-releasing all the Virtual Console titles they did on the Wii and to a lesser extent, the 3DS. Besides Earthbound, I don't see many truly new VC titles for a long time.

I hope I'm wrong.

DivineAssault 2020d ago

Wouldnt mind getting trine 2 on here but no trophies is a bummer.. Can u even talk to your teammates on wii u? I dont have a headset for it


Actually u can, they came out with a patch months ago.u speak directly in the Wii u pad like resident evil revelations.

Dravidian2020d ago

Meh. I've never been into trophies (I own a ps3). I guess it's because they tend to reward players for stupid stuff: "Unlocked: You beat Chapter 1!". No ish!?!?

Myst2020d ago

To me trophies kind of turned me off a bit from playing some games. Not sure why I know it's supposed to entice people but I just never felt the same way. Plus like you said some of those trophies were just "Eh...really..?"

DivineAssault 2020d ago

I like trophies.. Not because theyre hard to get but because having all of them ranks you up on PSN.. Shows new friends what kinds of games you play, how far you played into them, & even mastering em by getting platinums.. I think M$ idea to create achievements was a great one.. I prefer trophies but putting in a system like that added replay value to some games & theyre fun to stack up.. Nintendo should add an accomplishment system to the wii u imo... You mean to tell me that completing mario galaxy by getting EVERY SINGLE STAR wouldnt be a tiny bit better to get a small reward?

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