PALGN: Wii Fit Preview - Feet-on? Hands-on? We go all-on with Nintendo's new fitness device

PALGN writes: "Hurtling nine metres per second towards the apex of the Eureka tower for Nintendo's preview of Wii Fit last Tuesday, a thought struck. Will the gaming public gravitate towards Wii Fit, and its Balance Board peripheral, as quickly as we were speeding towards the top of the highest residential building in the world? The device, when first announced at E3 last year, has been viewed with suspicion in some quarters, who see it as evidence of Nintendo's abandonment of their hardcore fans. Having now tried the device and caught a glimpse of its potential, we can confirm that to write Wii Fit off is a mistake.

By holding the preview 89 floors above Melbourne, Nintendo seemed keen to make an impression. And the venue alone for the preview was statement enough (check out some photos in the media panel). To add to that, the event was hosted by another Nintendo Australia celebrity ring-in, Mark Beretta of Channel Seven's Sunrise fame. Though the setting for the preview was awe-inspiring, the breathtaking views never threatened to distract from Wii Fit itself. The idea of Wii Fit is typically simple - to get people tracking (or in many cases, actually doing) their exercise, and to have fun doing it."

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