Super Smash Bros. reveal trailer confirmed for Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Insider writes:

Next week’s scheduled Nintendo Direct presentation will see the company share a worldwide reveal trailer for the next installment within the Super Smash Bros. series.

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garos822021d ago

really excited about this. it will be interesting to see whats next for the smash series

MikeMyers2021d ago

This is a big game many are waiting for.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2021d ago

i hope it plays like melee. Cause brawl is SO slow.

muffinbutton2021d ago

i agree. its not a bad thing that brawl was slower but i would like for the speed to be more like melee

linkenski2020d ago

I doubt it will considering Nintendo did the same thing with Super Mario Galaxy compared to Super Mario 64 and Sunshine to make it less frantic, which makes it more accessible for idiots.

BullyMangler2020d ago

having trouble in brawl eh

if not then if u ever wanna have money matche$ i'm game

chadboban2021d ago

I really want to see not only the new characters in the roster(Fingers crossed for a Xenoblade character) but hopefully the trailers gives some indication of where Namco's involement will take this installment of the series.

Trunkz Jr2021d ago

I really hope they add many new characters and still keep it balanced as possible.

Neonridr2021d ago

I am hoping the trailer will show some actual in game footage. But I am guessing it may just be a CGI trailer showcasing the roster of who will be in the game.

thaimasker2021d ago

Its been a little over a year since SSB4 devlopment started....

Brawl was only in devlopment for 7 months before it was shown at E3 so gameplay is very likely to be shown on tuesday.

Neonridr2021d ago

I hope you are right. I really want to see how this game is going to look and play.

AJBACK2FRAG2020d ago

Uh it's going to be shown playable at e3.

deafdani2021d ago

I hope it's a mix of gameplay and CGI. Just like Brawl's reveal trailer, which was all kinds of awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.