Avalanche On Xbox One Connectivity: "People Complained About Machines Needing Electricity Back Then"

"We asked Linus Blomberg, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios, about one of the more heated topics these days (and we don't mean in terms of RROD), namely the Xbox One. Given that it requires to be online at least once every 24 hours and needs Kinect to be always on, we asked Blomberg how this would affect Avalanche's plans for Xbox One development."

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ShugaCane2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

That's so disrespectful towards the millions of people who cannot afford a fast internet connexion, or who simply do not have any internet connexion. How much did MS pay them to make such a stupid statement ?

gameseveryday2020d ago

People still buy iPAD games which cannot be exchanged and those gamers are not complaining. Online connectivity is the future (fortunately or unfortunately).

Hellsvacancy2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

And how much do these iPad games cost? 49p to £1.99, no wonder nobody complains they cant trade them in

Yes I agree online connectivity is the future, like BladeRunner future that is, a long way off yet, hell, some people I know still use 56k dial up, they dont game so I guess it doesnt concern them

Edit: I really can smell timed/exclusive dlc for Just Cause 3

SpideySpeakz2020d ago

The max a ipad game cost is around $19.00. So your statement was a epic fail.

US8F2020d ago Show
The_Con-Sept2020d ago

Honestly I know a few gamers who are on pc and only ever play pirated content. Their complaint is the price of a video game. They say $60.00 is too much for a brand new game.

They don't want to pay that much for a new game unless it is a game that they truly cherish. Each one has an itch for anything final fantasy related while some others are suckers for sonic. They pirate games because they claim it doesn't interest them yet they play through the whole game feeling justified about pirating a so called "bad game."

Hopefully PS+ will help spawn a better system. All this piracy is due to your own selfishness. Killing any part of this industry is a loss for everyone.

But they don't care. One day they will understand how it is supposed to work. Soon enough their favorite franchise will die and they will cave in over it when they should be stabbing themselves over their own wallet.

I used to pirate games but because I can purchase a digital copy and even give it to a friend to play the offline mode I'm happy to be a part of the digital age. I only share with a few friends but Sony doesn't have a system like steam where I can purchase them a licensed for them. PSN cards only go so far.

DAS6922020d ago

That may be true but that's still a stupid statement because what gaming console do you know that's steam powered? There has been a time where gaming consoles DIDN'T rely on internet! So why the heck would it now?? Internet IS NOT and SHOULDN'T BE a requiremet for something that played games just fine without it. CASE CLOSED.

badz1492020d ago

where have I heard this similar statement before? Adam that YOU?

what now? #dealwithit?

kayoss2020d ago

@rashid Sayed
So you are comparing a $.99 to $5 game to online connectivity.
Since you are using the Ipad as your argument.
Let me ask you this... would you buy an Ipad if it needed internet all the time to function? Last I check, the ipad can work independantly if an internet is not available. You can still play games on the ipad without internet, you can watch movies you downloaded on the ipad without internet, you can read on an Ipad without the internet, etc.... What if apple decided that if you dont have internet connection you can not even do anything on your ipad. This is how people feel about the xbox one.

wellard2019d ago

Mobile games don't come in boxes on physical discs that can be sold in store. If they did, I bet there would be a second hand market. Your point is silly and not thought out. Poor attempt at rationalisation

Hicken2019d ago

Dude, what's with you?

You seem to spend your time finding articles that suggest that we should just shut up and give them our money.

I don't like unnecessary "necessities." Constant internet connectivity for a video game console is one of those things. It may be the future- hell, it's the NOW- but it's not MANDATORY, nor should it ever be. That's just setting things up for failure.

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Blachek2020d ago

Their statement that it must connect once every 24 hours sounds to me more like a ping than a data pull. I imagine having the minimum level of connectivity would be sufficient and wouldn't draw upon or take from the gaming experience.

I imagine the connection is similar to the cd-keys associated with PC gaming and is a verification process to ensure ownership of the game and reduce piracy.

isa_scout2020d ago

I agree that it's probably just for a ping and not a data pull, but for people without high speed internet or no internet at all connecting to Xbox live is impossible let alone maintaining said connection. Never thoought I'd say this but maybe just sticking with online passes would have been better, it's the lesser of the two evils. I really hate the idea of not being able to borrow a game from a friend or my brother that they paid full price for. I know people will say that I still can, but having to import their profiles and not gaining achievements for mine is a huge deal breaker for me.

JeffGUNZ2020d ago

@ KarmicDemon, come on man, gaming is an expensive hobby. It's not a necessity, it's targeted to people like us, with internet and interest in tech. The way of the future is obviously cloud based storage and digital downloads. If one can not afford an internet connection, do you think they really have the money to buy as next gen console and/or games for that system?

Imalwaysright2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

"it's targeted to people like us, with internet and interest in tech." I've been gaming for more than 20 years and I NEVER needed an internet connection to be able to play my games. I've also never had an interest in tech, just playing games. Guess games weren't targeted at me even though I've been playing them for 23 years... according to you that is.

Also, I can obviously afford an internet connection but i don't want to be forced to have it to use a device that is mine and I don't want multi billiion dollar companies controlling what I can or can not do with the things I legitemally buy.

isa_scout2020d ago

You are so far off base it's not even funny. High speed internet just became available for my cousin about 6 months ago(he loves it), but he has a gaming library that puts mine to shame...You would be surprised the number of gamers that do not have access to high speed internet, and just because they don't have high speed internet doesn't make them any less tech savvy or any less interested in the future of gaming, it just means it's not available to them at the moment.Sony actaully said that was the very reason they decided not to go always online. They didn't want to leave behind millions of gamers, in their own words always online, "was never an option."

JeffGUNZ2020d ago

I don't completely disagree, but we are talking about NEXT gen, not 20 years ago. I live in an area with 4G LTE and I work in an area that is all country and they even have 4g LTE now. The future is going to be all digital and I think MS is heading that direction. Just because it doesn't effect me as I have high speed internet, I still think one should be able to play any game without an internet connection. All I am saying is that this is the way of the future. Hopefully MS has something to counteract this claim for single player games, but all we can do is wait for E3.

Again, I stand behind the position that MS should not require internet for the console to work, but I do understand their angle and trying to move to a digital all era.

Enemy2020d ago

Wow, wtf happened to Avalanche?

One4U2020d ago

well their headed for an avalanche !

Boody-Bandit2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


What happened to Avalanche?
MS happened. Wait for the incoming exclusive DLC with Just Cause 3 plus Kinect support for the XBOX ONE. ;) I'm not saying this is a fact just what more than likely will follow.

This is the first developer I have seen saying such things in favor of X1. Most other devs and tech sites, strongly favor the PS4 in power and ease of development.

MS more than likely is doing what they always do. Trying to get positive reinforcement anyway, however from whomever they can.

As the saying goes, "In their defense, it was a really big check." ;)

Darrius Cole2020d ago

Probably a check from Microsoft happened to them.

r1sh122020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

electricity is required to power something.
Internet connectivity is required for data transmission.
Data transmission is not a necessity, where as power is.
MS are really being stupid here, avalanche are just as bad.
Whilst many people do have internet, there are equally many that do not, to force them to have a connection always is just dumb.

kayoss2020d ago

Did this article just compared a necessity such as needing electricity over the need to check in every 24 hours with the xbox one???
electricity: a necessity in modern day survival component. Needed in order to complete daily tasks in a modern world.
Xbox one Connectivity: Should be an optional component for gaming system. Console should work regardless of internet connectivity. However this component was made mandatory. Internet is not available to everyone.

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SpideySpeakz2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Electricity is needed for ANY system to run.
DRM is NOT needed for ANY system to run.
My phone doesn't need Internet, so my gaming system shouldn't need internet. My TV doesn't need internet, so my gaming system shouldn't need internet.

It's just another cash grab by MS.
By forcing DRM on their customers, they're forcing XBLive on you, which increase their profits.

What a stupid comparison. Electricity is far more important for survival than internet. Apples and oranges.

Software_Lover2020d ago

Electricity isn't "needed" for survival. Humans survived for centuries without it. We will survive without it when we burn up all of our fossil fuels.

So please dont say we need it to survive.

Imalwaysright2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

No electricity is not needed for survival but other than that, everything MassEffect23 said was spot on. Lets see if anyone here on N4g is stupid enough to debunk what he said.

Ron_Danger2020d ago

When we burn up all the fossil fuels we'll still have hydroelectric turbines and solar panels and wind turbines generating electricity. Nice try Al Gore.

r212020d ago

You are talking bout living things and MassEffect was talking bout how any electronic system works without DRM and internet connection. Odd comparison you made there buddy.

reaper242020d ago

Wow, did he just say the same BS as this Orth Guy?

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